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On 12/6/2018 at 4:52 AM, Joshua Lamusga said:

if you could provide a list of maybe 6 or less essential plugins you use


Making something like this I'd use very few plugins ... a lot of it would be the 'illusion' of and using blur painting to achieve the look I want.

More often than not it would be Gradients and Blend Modes to get the smooth steel look (Negation especially good for steel)




The tut' I'm alluding to is Oma's Sword ... but I use Drop Shadow to make a solid edge then Conditional Hue/ Saturation ... and experiment until I'm happy. 

It can be trial and error to find an edge that fits the look of the knife.


In all honesty a lot of my images are made using This Method


... but plugins I  go to most ?  6 ?  Hmmm

Bevel Selection, Texture Shader, Splinter, Planetoid (works really well for all types of textures) Align, Alpha Mask 


PS.  IMO the handle on yours needs a straight grained wood ... it wood flow better ... 



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The handle (hilt/haft) looks much better ... it doesn't draw your eye away from the blade now 😀

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