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So how do I go about doing this?

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I'd like to make my own album image which I'll be using for iTunes. The cover needs to actually show not one but two album covers. So I gotta figure out how to make one cover show on the top and the other cover to show on the bottom. So far I've tried starting a new project and setting the pixel size to 1000 but as soon as I open one album cover paint.net fills the entire area with just that album, which is not what I want. I need to fit both album covers in that square.


I usually use 600 x 600 pixels as my size in iTunes.



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56 minutes ago, 357mag said:

Posts like yours are less than helpful.


I unfortunately assumed that you know at least the easiest steps in handling an image processing program.

It's like packing a suitcase: it's not enough to open it and wait for the things to jump in by itself. You have to pick them up and put them in.

Make a new image with your desired dimensions.

Open both cover images too, copy them and paste them into two new layers in the new image. Drag and resize them if you wish, flatten the image and save it.

Instead of paste the images in new layers you can paste them direct too, if you are carefully handle the tools.

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Hello 357mag,

Perhaps this tutorial would be a starting point picture side by side

Basically make the Canvas size twice as big as each of the images then put the images on different layers and move to the correct position, much as Iron67 says.

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