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  1. So I downloaded a photo opened up in paint.net and hit the print button and now this happens: The Windows Acquistion Library wiaaut.dll is missing. Please read the help file... So I click on the question mark icon in the top right and I am greeted with this: There was an error launching the link. If there are not solutions to these I will dump this program.
  2. Great! That helps a lot! I'll get started soon.
  3. I'd like to make a simple wallpaper that shows Java code. A fairly simple background just using a pleasing background color like a pastel blue or similar. I think I would need to have maybe three or four layers added on top. I want the top layer to show some code that looks fairly sharp and clear. But then as you look into the image it gets more and more blurry. I could use some basic guidelines how to pull this off. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just learning how to take some text and blur maybe parts of it and maybe setting some lines of text at an angle or so it looks diagonal and moving deeper into the screen? You probably get the idea. Thank You.
  4. I wasn't doing any dragging. But anyway is there a more efficient way to copy an area of an image to another area? A quick and efficient painting program?
  5. I tend to use the clone tool to copy a part of an image that is a solid color and use that to plaster over text and stuff like that I want to get rid of. Problem is though that when I start painting and I'm covering up the letters the tool keeps running out of paint really fast. So every 2 seconds I have to click on the source area over and over again to keep filling up the tool. So I must be doing something wrong cuz I figure the tool shouldn't be running out of paint so fast. The last image I used it on I was removing a line of text at the top of an album cover and I had to click on the source about 80 times or so. So how do you set this clone tool up so the paint lasts longer? And why do I see two circles?
  6. Yes. I thought so. But how? What are the steps? Posts like yours are less than helpful.
  7. I'd like to make my own album image which I'll be using for iTunes. The cover needs to actually show not one but two album covers. So I gotta figure out how to make one cover show on the top and the other cover to show on the bottom. So far I've tried starting a new project and setting the pixel size to 1000 but as soon as I open one album cover paint.net fills the entire area with just that album, which is not what I want. I need to fit both album covers in that square. I usually use 600 x 600 pixels as my size in iTunes.
  8. Okay I think perhaps the best way to go is to install the extension to Chrome that will automatically convert the photo to a .png even before giving you the Save As dialog box. It seems to me that if the original person that uploaded the original photo has already uploaded it as a .jgp then the photo has already lost data so there isn't anything you can do to restore it.
  9. Yeah but how do you actually save a photo from the web as a .png and really get full quality? When you save a photo Windows will say Save as Type - All Files. So I just download a photo and this time I said Randy Rhoads.png so does that mean that the photo is actually a lossless photo? I did not see a quality difference between the newly downloaded .png version and my .jpg version of the same photo. I suspect there is more to it.
  10. Sometimes when I initially come across a photo on the web it looks extremely sharp and very clear. But after I download it and open it up in a program like paint.net it does not look as sharp or clear. Don't know why this is. But I'd like to find out if there is a way I can give my photo a shine. Similar to giving a piece of wood a shiny coat of varnish. Just to make the photo really come forward and be more sharp?
  11. Okay it's working but my C++ logo is not centered. And I downloaded and installed the plugin. Here is a screenshot of my desktop:
  12. Okay Thanks for the info. The only thing I may need to know how to do yet is to make sure that the box logo is centered. I don't want the logo off to one side.
  13. Okay what I am trying to do is probably very simple but I have had very little experience working with imaging programs so I don't understand all this jargon and how to use them to do what I want. What I want to do is create a plain white background the same size as my screen (my monitor resolution is 1360 x 768). I guess I could call that layer one? Or background layer? Then I found an image of a box of software put out by Microsoft many years ago. It's what the C++ programming box looked like back then. Now I want to merge the C++ box image into the plain white background layer, so when I'm done all I have is one thing. A simple desktop background. I don't know how to tell paint.net to take the top layer or whatever layer holds the software box image and merge it into the background layer. I have enclosed a screenshot of what my screen looks like so you can kind of get an idea of what I'm trying to do. Thanks.