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Which "Layers" Tutorial?

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Having recently downloaded Paint.net,I'm still in the floundering,"playing with it" stage.

Trying to figure out stuff intuitively,I hit a plateau at "layers".

Rather than dig through twenty two pages of tutorials listings,please tell me,which is the best tutorial for a complete novice at this stuff?


Thank you.

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I must assume from your comment that you don't know the answer either,but thank you for the response.

I did browse through the twenty two pages of titles but if anyone can recommend the one or two that would best suit the purposes of a beginner,I'd appreciate the input.


(I'm editing instead of bumping. Interactive Tutorial: Creating a Photo Collage 2.0 was helpful. Others?))

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You could, ebrid001, try the Help Documents. Whilst these are not tutorials per se, they do detail the most basic functions of each feature, and they are organised in such a way that you don't have to troll through bits that aren't important to you (the left-hand menu or the search box if you can't locate something). So, for instance, you need to help with layers, there is a page that tells you what they are, how they work and what they do, all in one place: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/LayersWindow.html

If the files don't answer all your questions, or you need to see something in action with a working example, then the Tutorials section should be your next stop. With layers in particular, you will find that the majority of the tutorials will feature something of layers, bet it a blend mode, opacity adjustment or layering one image atop another.

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