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"Next tab"?

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It's great to be able to open multiple images in Paint.NET. As a technical writer, though, I don't understand why its image-switching commands (on the Windows menu) are called "Next Tab" and "Previous Tab". When I saw that, I thought there was a way to show tabs for images. I hunted through Help before realizing these "tabs" didn't actually exist.

When the MDI feature was added, the release notes said that it "worked like tabs in a browser". That's true—but the images are in a list, not on tabs.

So in Paint.NET's Help, rather than this:

Next Tab: This will switch to the image that is next in the image list.

Previous Tab: This will switch to the previous image in the image list.

...wouldn't this be a bit clearer?:

Next Image: Switch to the next image in the image list.

Previous Image: Switch to the previous image in the image list.

(You'll notice I've removed the "will's", too. In documentation, it's not necessary to continually predict the future; present tense is fine. You might consider neatening up all of Paint.NET's docs this way.)

BTW, I think it'd be very helpful to have tabs that were synchronized with the image list, and be able to switch by picture or filename. And if you add tabs, you won't have to bother changing those commands. :wink:

Cheers, a.

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