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Paint.NET 4.0.9 crashes when copying a screen print

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post-147023-0-92667500-1461903424_thumb.  I have tried installing Paint.NET version 4.0.9 on two different Win 7 Pro (32-Bit) Machines in the past 2 days; one a Dell GX620 Desktop with a Pentium 4 with 4 GB, and One a Dell 1520 Laptop with a 2.00 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 with 3 GB of ram. For both installations, I have tried doing a screen print ([Print Screen] OR ALT + [Print Screen]) and then with Paint.net open I do a CTRL + V to paste the screen print into the window, as I have done quite successfully with Paint.NET version 3.5.11 on another XP Pro machine for about 3 years. I have also tried a smaller sized .jpg file Copy/Pasted instead of a screen print and get the same results. When I do that with version 4.0.9 on either of these two different Win 7 machines, it blows up, bleeds the paste attempt out the bottom of the screen, hangs up and does nothing. I had to manually terminate the program in order to recover on both of these machines. I uninstalled the program on both of the machines, did a fresh download from http://www.dotpdn.com/downloads/pdn.htmland did a reinstallation on the Dell 1520 since it has a newer processor. I got the same results with the new download/installation. See the screen print of the Paste / Bleeding. If I don't do a paste, but just open a file, select part of the picture, crop to selection and then attempt to save the cropped part, the program hangs and I must manually terminate it also. I did screen prints of the entire sequence.
  I disabled Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) [No effect; it still crashes]

  I tried simply reading in a .jpg file, resizing it (smaller) and saving it. It crashed doing that also.
  I installed the good old reliable Paint.NET version 3.5.11 on the Win 7 Dell GX620 Desktop with a Pentium 4 with 4 GB machine and it works just fine. Since I have been used to working with that one for 3 years, and I haven't missed anything, I've decided my time is more valuable that trying to see if I can/could/maybe get the newer version to work. This goes back to the old engineer's adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  Does anyone have any explanation for this behavior, or is it just a coincidence that both of my machine exhibit this same behavior using software that has been released for a few months and nobody else has observed this behavior? At this point, I'm about ready to throw in the towel!
  CPU usage goes to about 43% when the program hangs and there are no crash logs present in C:\Users\[user Name]\AppData\Local\paint.net\CrashLogs
  There is session data stored in C:\Users\[user Name]\AppData\Local\paint.net\SessionData\51877179
  Is any of this info going to help for troubleshooting?

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Try disabling your sandboxing program, and see if that affects it.


Sandboxing program? Please explain - I did not see that anywhere in the settings for PDN. If you are referring to an internet security suite, this machine (the Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop) is not running any security program because it's a junker. The Dell GX620 is running KIS2016. Both PCs have the crash problem. No problem at all, however on the GX620 when running PDN 3.5.11 on Win 7.

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Oh, I saw the red outline around the window, and assumed you had a sandbox enabled on your machine. Out of curiosity, what is the red outline from?


Hopefully someone with more insight than me can identify the cause of your issue.

(June 9th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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My first guess combined with a question: Do you use on all affected machines the same Anti Virus? It's a possible troublemaker.


@toe_head2001: I think, the red outline is only a user specific design for the window frame. Many years ago my design was similar.

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