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Installing PDN under Wine in Linux/Mac.

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Installing paint.net v4.0.6 and .NET 4.6.x isn't an issue (I described how to do it in an earlier post. Let me know if you need me to elaborate).

However, getting it to run is a different story, as you need more than just the .NET Framework.  Complete support for Direct2D is lacking in Wine. Not to mention the missing UIAnimation APIs.

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@dipstick, the standard installation procedure won't work, because the UIAnimation APIs are not available in Wine yet.

You need to install it with the MSI file.


Create the MSI in Windows:

paint.net.4.0.12.install.exe /createmsi

and then run the MSI in Wine

wine start PaintDotNet_x64.msi


Paint.net will be installed, but it won't run, because it still needs UIAnimation.

Even if you patch Wine with a UIAnimation.dll file from Windows (like I did), you'll then run into an issue with CreateLayer from Direct2D.

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I cannot find PDN 3.5.1 anywhere and 4.0.19 fails on PlayOnLinux with a SP1 not found error.


Has anyone been able to get 4.0.19 or other version to install on linux/wine/PON, or is 3.5.1 available from a trustworthy site somewhere?


I would dearly love to get this running on linux and finally ditch Windows.


Many thanks



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9 hours ago, Wolfy said:

I cannot find PDN 3.5.1 anywhere ...



9 hours ago, Wolfy said:

... fails on PlayOnLinux ...

PlayOnLinux is junk. Seriously. The Wine developers don't recommend it, and for good reasons.

Sure, it makes configuring Wine easy for noobs, but it has its own issues and uses a very old version of Wine by default.

You're better off just learning the commands for Wine, and using Winetricks.


9 hours ago, Wolfy said:

Has anyone been able to get 4.0.19 or other version to install on linux/wine

Paint.net v4.x still doesn't run on Wine. See my earlier posts above; they're still accurate as of Wine 3.0.

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Glad you got it sorted out Wolfy. PDN v3.5.11 is the latest version I can make run under wine. I wish I could make v4x run, but that seems to be impossible at the moment. The only alternative is to run Windows in a VM. I hate Windows and try to avoid it whenever I can. As for PlayOnLinux, I like and use it for the very few Windows-only programs I need...


To be truthful There are plenty of Linux programs out there to replace your old Windows programs. I am down to about 5 much needed Windows programs, which I have no problems running under wine or as a last resort, a VM. 


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For those running Paint.NET 3.5.11 under Wine, at least you have my plugin pack:




Plus, my new text plugin:




And, finally, CodeLab:




So, at least you're not running completely stock!

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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