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  1. Thanks @null54 @toe_head2001 and @Rick Brewster , that all makes sense. I have a somewhat better understanding of the dependencies. PDN has ruined all other graphics programs for me 😁 My pockets aren't super deep, but my love for the PDN is pretty darn high, so I'll look into your suggestions. I'll let you know if I make any meaningful progress. PS - I just checked "follow topic" 🤦‍♂️ so hopefully I see your responses in a more timely manner and I'm not one of those who disappear.
  2. @toe_head2001 did you make any further progress with PDN v4.0?
  3. Hey Rick, serious question here. What would it take to fund a Linux build and some long term support, or at least polish off a few rough edges so we can get a modern version of PDN running through wine? I'd certainly pony up if there was a gofundme campaign, or participate in other supporting activities. I figure its cheaper for me to fund a Linux port than to waste years of my life trying to learn that usability nightmare called GiMP. What do you say mate?
  4. Thanks @toe_head2001 I grabbed that file and was able to use PlayOnLinux as per @dipstick instructions to finally get PDN running on my Ubuntu box. You guys rock! I'm has happy as a dog with two tails.
  5. I cannot find PDN 3.5.1 anywhere and 4.0.19 fails on PlayOnLinux with a SP1 not found error. Has anyone been able to get 4.0.19 or other version to install on linux/wine/PON, or is 3.5.1 available from a trustworthy site somewhere? I would dearly love to get this running on linux and finally ditch Windows. Many thanks Wolfy
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