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Gradient image with round corners

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[PDN newcomer]

Hello PDN gurus. I was browsing this site and noticed the little gray gradient image around the login form and though it cool. I've seen a similar thing on many other sites and desire to make one myself.

However, I'm wet behind the ears when it comes to Paint.NET (or any other image-editing program). Could someone teach me how to do it or point me towards a tutorial?

Thanks. :)

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On a new layer, draw a filled rounded rectangle. Now pull out your Gradient tool and swtich it to :AlphaChannel: mode instead of :AllColorChannels: mode. Be sure it is also in Linear mode. Now, draw a gradient starting at the top all of the way down. Hope that helps!


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Thanks, Mike. I'll give it a try. But I was wondering, shouldn't this be created on a transparent layer (I often hear about transparency in designer forums)? If so, how can I accomplish that?


There's several ways to do this, but the easiest way to do this gotta be this:

Simply cover the whole canvas with a selection tool, and press delete, and there you've got your transparent background 8)

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Superb! Thanks for all your help guys (and gals :wink: ). This wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

I say, Paint.NET is a sweet program. And the forums are terrific. I think I'm going to like this photo creation/editing stuff.

Thanks again y'all. :D

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