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  1. Hi all, I was watching satellite TV with my brother when I saw a commercial for a movie titled "Bereavement." It seemed interesting, so I did a Google search for the movie to view its poster. The thing is awesome. However, I noticed the dirty look given to the title. Me likes it! How can I make my words appear dirty-looking like that? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try them out and let you know how things went.
  3. Would buying a stock photo and modifying it help? Or should I start from scratch (gulp)?
  4. Greetings all, I have need of a pearl. This pearl is not to be a dazzling jewel as many often design pearls (I've seen a lot of them on the free photo sites). However, I'm trying to create a pearl of a different kind--it is to be a small, dull, scratched, chipped, cracked, irregularly-shaped thing. It could even have several small dents like you see in an orange peel. The thing is, I have no idea on how to create something like this. Is there someone out there generous enough to help this pitiful guy along? Thanks.
  5. @ Drum_gurl Wow! What a fast response. And the Ed Harvey Effects plug-in is sweet! I would never have found such a thing on my own. Thanks a lot. Dude-Dastic
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a stylish banner for a website I'm redesigning. So, after browsing the web for inspiration, I came across this site and like the banner image with the small squares (or dots) in it. It appears to have a radial gradient applied to it. That part I think I can handle with a plug-in. However, the main part - the squares - I have no idea how to do. I welcome your help. Thanks
  7. I've seen a couple websites with large stripes in the background (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), as in this example. I think they're cool. Could someone teach this newbie how to go about making my own striped images :?: Thanks
  8. @Mike Ryan Silly me! You're correct in that I've asked this before. Well, sort of... My problem here is that the gradient (or fade to transparency) isn't applied on the border of the box - it's only applied to the color inside the lines. That's why I asked. Sorry for "double-posting."
  9. Have you seen the boxes with faded borders? Many websites are using them these days. Here's an example of what I'm talking about (to the right of the page). How do I go about making one of those? I can make the box alright but getting the borders to fade away is tricky, at least for me. Could someone help me?
  10. Hi, I recently became an eBay affiliate and use their API to display their products on my site. Like eBay, I'd like to have a PayPal indicator to show that an item accepts PayPal as a payment option. eBay uses a little 16x16 .gif, but I'd like something, well, a bit more web 2.0-ish. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Your help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. -- Since we're on the subject, anyone have any ideas about the Buy It Now indicator? I'd like to make something for that too.
  11. WOW! Quick response and a handy solution to boot. Many thanks.
  12. Playing around with PDN, I've decided to create an image with round corners and a gradient colors. Funny thing is when I use the gradient tool it colors over where the corners are. IOW, it turns the round rectangle into a regular rectangle. How can I prevent this? Thanks
  13. Thanks, sabrown100. I just found this before you posted. It works well.
  14. Whenever I draw a gradient, there is no end color, only transparency. How do I set the gradient tool to use two colors instead of one? Thanks
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