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  1. This will come in handy when I make signature and such. Very useful plugin. +1
  2. Awesome plugin Thank you for this. I will use it from now on to save my files
  3. Very nice work Helen. I'm impressed (and slightly jealous!)
  4. Thank you. Any improvements you would suggest? Such as anything to add to a logo?
  5. This is a VERY helpful plugin. I thank you!
  6. Awesome tutorial BoltBait. It has gone on my bookmark bar for when I'm not so tired. Coding things is very hard when tired, and can often lead to many mistakes. So when I'm awake more, I will have a look at what plugins aren't available & what features PDN doesn't have, so I can work from there.
  7. (My favorite one) Please give your feedback and any ideas for more graphics! Don't forget that you can PM me and request some. NOTE: I make all sorts of graphics. Please view my gallery here.