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  1. :tardII:Thanks, Red, You understood what I was saying . I am trying out the ClipMinusBeta as we speak. Will post my results just as soon as I am done
  2. Hi Red , I have been trying to use clip-warp on the custom mini-brushes but I end up with more questions than answers. I usually just frustrate myself. Is there an easy way to use clip-warp without having to make duplicate copies of the original image? :tardII:I can't use the custom mini-brushes without a duplicate - I need to see my subject so I know where to put my clip-warp object (I hope that made sense). You do have a good tutorial but I don't think the same theory that applies to the text would work on my project. Please help me. Thank you
  3. Thank you, Red! I will get back to you when the project is finished. It's a different project than the ones I was working on but I promise it will be a fun one
  4. Hi Red, I'm not sure I understand about the texture/gradient/ photo: do you mean a copy of my background layer that I have adjusted the texture and gradient? Sorry I haven't really messed around with all the tools & effects but I'm still learning
  5. I finally got around to using the clip warp (don't ask why it took me so long) but I'm stuck; the object that I want to use clip warp on is in custom-mini brushes and I have to have it in does one add color seamlessly to the object they are trying to clip warp? I have some ideas but none of them seem satisfactory . Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks, Red Ochre, Your post made me giggle a little but more importantly made me think of what a wise woman told me: " the secret to a long- happy life is a good sense of humor and making sure you have fun everyday." Don't worry about hitting the big one.....It seems to me like you follow the wise woman's advice quite well.
  7. I didn't look at all the works before I posted before. WOW, Red Ochre, what an awesome piece of work your dragon is! I really like the personality in the face .
  8. Wow! What beautiful works of art you all have made! Very creative Nite Nurse and Sasha. I can't wait till I get the hang of this...even though this might take me a little while because.....well you can teach an old dog new tricks it just takes a little while longer LOL. (old joke) I usually expect myself to understand how these special effects work right away and when I don't I can sometimes feel a little daunted.... Uh-Oh! Be prepared for silly questions, Red Ochre!
  9. One question after watching the video: Can you use the Alpha along with custom brushes? And how do you do this?
  10. BTW I tried to let the video download for 20 minutes and nothing happened.
  11. Hello Miners71, I had a few problems with that tutorial and the video I tried to watch wouldn't download . I was also wondering if there is a way to remove a background that isn't all one color?
  12. I tried to watch the video but it takes too long to download Is there a newer alpha mask/displacement tutorial?
  13. Thanks Red Ochre, Clipwarp? Is that a plug-in I need to install on my PDN?
  14. Hi Just wanted to bump this up. I'm still open to suggestions about the blood, but for now I will experiment to see what I can come up with on my own
  15. I think you are right Pdnoob.... I will work with a different picture with the actor smiling
  16. Thanks I appreciate it.....the downside to the tutorial you recommended is that my actors mouth is closed and the models in the tutorial have their mouths wide open showing plenty of teeth to work with. Its going to be interesting to try to figure out how to draw in the fangs on my actor.
  17. Hi there, (I think I had asked a similar question sometime ago...couldn't find it in my archives but if I did I apologize ) I am making another actor into a vampire : How do I create blood dripping out of the corners of my subjects mouth that looks real? And Fangs; My subjects mouth is closed how do I make them look real without making them look cartoonish? Hmmmm, the fangs I think I just need to play around with the lighting and shading but when it comes to drawing talent I am still a puppy. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated Thank You
  18. Thank you for creating this tutorial! I had fun doing it. I am going to make more of these pictures with a few more effects...say like a night sky with a moon? I need night-time backgrounds for my characters. I will post them as soon as possible. this should be a fun project BTW here is my first nebula:
  19. Hello, i just tried to download this plug-in but got an error message saying "these kinds of files can harm your computer..." what should I do? Is there another version of this Plug-in? I run Windows 7 and have IE9. Please let me know if I need to provide anymore information. Thank you, Kelly
  20. Wow, Drydareelin, very nice! I really like the one with the planet exploding and the man trying to reach out to it. Very beautifully done!