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  1. Hi there, I just tried to download the Evan's Effects and I got a warning message saying "This kind of file can harm your computer, do you want to discard?" Is there another link or is there a way to correct this? These look like great effects that I would use quite a bit.
  2. I hate to say it but I don't know much about filters .....would they still be downloaded to your effects folder or someplace else? ( I know, I know I have been working with Paint.NET for a while and should know this by now.)
  3. Pixey - I just checked out your profile and you look like you are at least 35...I can't believe your 66! You look wonderful. What's your secret?
  4. WOW! Pixey you have amazing talent! Beautiful gallery . My favorites are the kittens (of course) and the one with purple lips...purple and green are my favorite colors. I need to check out people's galleries more often and work on my own.
  5. Thank you I've been looking for something like this.
  6. Update: For some reason I cannot paste or insert an image of the crash log: but when inserting the image link from Photobucket this website froze on me and it also won't let me do an attachment.....Paint.net doesn't like me . Anyone else having problems with posting? I also e-mailed the crash log to the professionals at this website hopefully they will get back to me soon.
  7. Hello, I'm having more than one problem today: First I tried pasting my crash log right into this post but it wouldn't let me so I had to make an attachment of the crash log. Second when I tried to use this TR's Displacement I had PDN crash on me twice. Can anyone please read the crash log and tell me what I need to do to fix this?
  8. Hello I still need help.....when I get to the final stage and run the clip-warp it warps the entire picture not just what I've drawn using CMB . I did everything you said to the T...unless I misunderstood something .?
  9. Hello again, I figured out one of my questions LOL "ClipwarpNew".....I did some more reading instead of skimming through paragraphs .
  10. A couple more questions: "ClipWarpNew"? Is there another version that I need to download? When I get to the end to use the clip-warp my object layer disappears replaced by an all-white box What am I doing wrong?
  11. :tardII:Thanks, Red, You understood what I was saying . I am trying out the ClipMinusBeta as we speak. Will post my results just as soon as I am done
  12. Hi Red , I have been trying to use clip-warp on the custom mini-brushes but I end up with more questions than answers. I usually just frustrate myself. Is there an easy way to use clip-warp without having to make duplicate copies of the original image? :tardII:I can't use the custom mini-brushes without a duplicate - I need to see my subject so I know where to put my clip-warp object (I hope that made sense). You do have a good tutorial but I don't think the same theory that applies to the text would work on my project. Please help me. Thank you
  13. One question after watching the video: Can you use the Alpha along with custom brushes? And how do you do this?
  14. BTW I tried to let the video download for 20 minutes and nothing happened.
  15. I tried to watch the video but it takes too long to download Is there a newer alpha mask/displacement tutorial?
  16. Thank you for creating this tutorial! I had fun doing it. I am going to make more of these pictures with a few more effects...say like a night sky with a moon? I need night-time backgrounds for my characters. I will post them as soon as possible. this should be a fun project BTW here is my first nebula: http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag29/KellyJWats777/Nebula1_zpsf20b261d.jpg
  17. Wow, Drydareelin, very nice! I really like the one with the planet exploding and the man trying to reach out to it. Very beautifully done!
  18. Hi there, I am still learning and doing a lot of practicing on Paint.NET. Would you recommend I download this? I am still learning how to download/create new brushes. I don't quite understand how to do all the programming aspects of the effects or how I could create my own but I definately want to learn how. Thank You
  19. Hi there, Has anyone else had problems with the abr viewer? Mine will suddenly stop working while coverting files - it'll look like its still processing files but at the bottom left corner above the green bar it will say "processing finished". I tried dowloading the program again and reinstalled it. Is it the site I'm downloading from thats the problem (Soulforge.net)? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated; Thank You Kelly
  20. Thank you Nitenurse, I wanted to not have to go through all the different posts that are attached this subject and I wanted more of the "special effects" that i see on Brusheezy.com and i know there are a few other sites out there but I am having a hard time finding them. Last week i asked if there was a way to have all the PDN brushes (created by you nice folks out there) in a different list so they would be easier to sort through and not have to read all the different posts.
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