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  1. Thank you I've been looking for something like this.
  2. Very nice details and great drawing skills. Good work on the cheekbones on the second one...how'd you do it?
  3. Awwww, I was really looking forward to using this plug-in . Is Red Ochre still around? Can he fix it? (Pretty, pretty Please?)
  4. Thought I would try this plug-in but every time I click on clip-warp effect PDN crashes on me. Here is the original crash log: Application version: paint.net 4.0 (β 4.0.5168.12074) Time of crash: 4/5/2014 3:09:49 PM Application uptime: 00:12:49.2830005 Application state: Running Working set: 221,836 KiB Install directory: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET Current directory: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET OS Version: 6.1.7601.65536 Service Pack 1 Workstation x86 .NET version: CLR 4.0.30319.18444 x86, FX 4.0 4.5 Processor: 2x "Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz" @ ~3192MHz (DEP, SSE, SSE2, SSE3) Physical
  5. Update: For some reason I cannot paste or insert an image of the crash log: but when inserting the image link from Photobucket this website froze on me and it also won't let me do an attachment.....Paint.net doesn't like me . Anyone else having problems with posting? I also e-mailed the crash log to the professionals at this website hopefully they will get back to me soon.
  6. Hello, I'm having more than one problem today: First I tried pasting my crash log right into this post but it wouldn't let me so I had to make an attachment of the crash log. Second when I tried to use this TR's Displacement I had PDN crash on me twice. Can anyone please read the crash log and tell me what I need to do to fix this?
  7. :biggrin:YAY! I finally got it to work! Thank You very, very much Pixie and everyone! Thanks for being so patient with me too. You guys and gals are the greatest If I could I'd buy you all a drink.
  8. :wtf:Oh oooops! That would help having it in the right folder . I have it under C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects....I'll look back in the plug-in directions to see where it is suppose to go. I feel like a big air-head.
  9. Hello again I did install the ABRFileType plugin but am still having issues. Also I noticed that it being a dll file you may have to go into the properties and unblock it, but after I unblocked this plugin I found that it became blocked again. Plus at this time Paint.Net isn't letting me post any of my screen captures (?): I click on the insert image icon, put in the URL from my Photobucket on the line and it just freezes up/ the box doesn't go away. I will do my best to get these pictures posted....I think that the screen captures will really help decipher what's going wrong. BTW
  10. :mrgreen:Thanks NiteNurse!! A light bulb went off in my head when you said that "Paint.net looks for them in your public folders" that must be the case... Thanks Pixie! I feel a lot better . I think I will wait to see your solution before I mess around with the files.
  11. Pixie - I really do appreciate all your help....I'm regretting updating to the latest beta version . I tried doing what Skullbonz suggested; putting an underscore in front of the brush name, updated again, reloaded the custom brush mini ....but still have the same problem. Are there any techs or creators of Paint.net out there that can help me? What specific information do I need to look for (would it be on the pdncrash?) to send to you to identify this issue? Or do I need to remove Paint.net and reload the entire program?
  12. I know you have to load them first.,....the brushes are on my computer UNDER this path: C:\Kelly\Documents\Paint.NET User Files. I tried reloading the brushes like pixie said but it still does not work! It is not my lack of knowledge as to how to download the brushes...I have been doing that correctly for the past two years. My problem started when Paint.net was updated recently. I hope I made myself clear. I have tried re installing the entire Simon Browns Plug in pack but still am not having any luck. Do I have to uninstall Paint.net and re install it or what????
  13. Thanks for your help, Pixie, but these files aren't lost they are in the specified folder( C:\users\Kelly\my documents\Paint.net files)...when I am in Paint.net and click on custom mini brushes there are no brushes.
  14. I know I had a similar post but in that I had written down the wrong file path and I thought I had corrected the gentleman who wrote to me saying I had them in the wrong folder. Ever since I had updated my PDN I have lost all my custom mini brushes. PLEASE do note that I DO have them in the right folder: Kelly\Documents\Paint.NET User Files. Is anyone else having similar problems like mine? I think I've tried everything I can: I tried re-installing the plug in AND had an update earlier this morning. Please help me. Kelly
  15. Thanks Pyro. Drew - here is a copy of the instructions that I followed for custom mini-brushes: " Custom Brushes mini v1.9 uses png files....Once you've downloaded the files, just place them in your "Custom Brushes" folder (Usually My Documents\Paint.Net User files\Custom brushes)." I just wanted to clarify that I did follow the instructions...sorry if I worded something wrong in the other post that you responded to.
  16. :tardnoes:Okay, I just reloaded the custom mini brushes plug-in and am still having the same problem....can anyone help me? I have a few projects on hold that I wanted to get done today .
  17. Don't feel so bad, Goo, there are quite a few good, patient people on here that can help....unfortunately with this new version of Paint.net I keep running into problems and on some levels (with my own learning disability) I'm still a newbie at this. I'd have to say that if you can compose music and are good with visual art I'd say you are talented. I also have aspergers syndrome....Welcome to the club !
  18. Also I got a message saying that Pyrochild's smudge and liquify effects didn't download when I looked under my settings (new function) under plug-in errors it said "there were errors loading these plug-ins". Should I re-load the plug-ins?
  19. Thanks, Drew, but I do have them in the right spot . I appreciate your help but I am still at a loss to figure out what went wrong and I couldn't find anything on the forum that addresses this issue. Should I uninstall and re-install Paint.net again?
  20. aaah! Okay I just downloaded two brush sets but when I go on to Paint.net under Effects/custom brushes mini....not there. Is there a different way to download the brushes with this new version?? I followed the directions for downloading custom mini-brushes but the new Paint.net version shows no brushes when I open the CBM! Is there a bug in the system or am I just losing my mind? Can someone please help me?
  21. Has anyone lost their custom mini brushes that they downloaded? I did. Oh well I'll just have a good time downloading new ones .
  22. Hello I still need help.....when I get to the final stage and run the clip-warp it warps the entire picture not just what I've drawn using CMB . I did everything you said to the T...unless I misunderstood something .?
  23. Hello again, I figured out one of my questions LOL "ClipwarpNew".....I did some more reading instead of skimming through paragraphs .
  24. A couple more questions: "ClipWarpNew"? Is there another version that I need to download? When I get to the end to use the clip-warp my object layer disappears replaced by an all-white box What am I doing wrong?
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