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  1. Hi there, I am still learning and doing a lot of practicing on Paint.NET. Would you recommend I download this? I am still learning how to download/create new brushes. I don't quite understand how to do all the programming aspects of the effects or how I could create my own but I definately want to learn how. Thank You
  2. Okay Ego, I would usually go right to the support for this software but I can't find a website for it . If people use this software on a regular basis I was hoping someone could tell me where I need to go to get help? All I have is an e-mail address for the creator of the software and when I tried to send an e-mail I get the message that it was not sent because its invalid. Can anyone tell me where I need to go for support for the Abr viewer or if theres some other file converting software I could use?
  3. Thanks Sozo, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but am still having of them is trying to contact the developers directly but can't find a direct website for this software. From all looks it seems to be outdated or doesn't work in windows 7. My Next Question is this; If so many people use this there MUST be a version to run in windows 7, right? I've tried searching the internet and have not found anything that helps.
  4. Hi there, (I wasn't too sure if anyone would have read my original post where I had it under being that it didn't show under recent topics) Okay first off I wonder if I'm downloading the right software from the original link under "how to use custom mini-brushes" ; I have tried dowloading it twice but the same thing happens where the abr Viewer will stall in converting the brushes then stops working alltogether. Has anyone else encountered this same problem? I have tried to uninstall it from my computer and tried re-installing it but the abr viewer still did the same thing. I've had for months now and have learned a lot but I still feel like a newbie . Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You
  5. Hi there, Has anyone else had problems with the abr viewer? Mine will suddenly stop working while coverting files - it'll look like its still processing files but at the bottom left corner above the green bar it will say "processing finished". I tried dowloading the program again and reinstalled it. Is it the site I'm downloading from thats the problem ( Any help and advice is greatly appreciated; Thank You Kelly
  6. Thanks Nitenurse & Jim I'm also happy with the way it turned out. If anyone wants I can explain step by step how I did it
  7. Thanks, Helen! I will keep your advice in mind for my next project . Also I needed to thank Jim100361 for "How to make snow-white skin" and whoever (sorry i forget names easily) did the "colored eye" under distortion and modifications.
  8. Hi all, I hope I posted this picture link right....if i didn't please let me know ASAP. Please feel free to comment on my work wether its complimentary or some harsh criticizim (give it to me with both barrels I can take it {I Think}). It may have taken me a while but I did a lot of practicing and getting use to the different tools but I finally did it
  9. Yes Jim thats it!! Thank You and Ego Eram!! I can't wait to try this out and show you all the end results!
  10. Hi there folks, I'm fairly new to and have no idea how to start creating the brushes I have in mind; Two of the ones I had in mind for a few different projects I'm working on are Glow brushes and blood-splatter. The glow brushes could have the effect of colorful glowing lines to a glowing mist. The blood splatter would give the effect of (for lack of a better term) actual blood. If you have suggestions or if I missed something please let me know. Thank you for your patience and input
  11. I'm afraid i wouldn't know the first thing to do being that I'm still very new to I think I got a little too excited when I saw all the different special effects that Brusheezy had to offer...I felt like a little kid in a super-sized candy store. LOL
  12. Thank you Nitenurse, I wanted to not have to go through all the different posts that are attached this subject and I wanted more of the "special effects" that i see on and i know there are a few other sites out there but I am having a hard time finding them. Last week i asked if there was a way to have all the PDN brushes (created by you nice folks out there) in a different list so they would be easier to sort through and not have to read all the different posts.
  13. Ahhh! Does anyone use the site? I went there and I have more questions than answers and more issues come up that I can't seem to solve on my own. For one on the brushes I want to download I can't find where it says if its a PNG file or anything indicating what file type it is. If anyone does go there and likes the site please let me know and I'll go into more detail about my issues OR let me know that this site is just bunk for users and if there are some better brush sites out there. Thank You very much KellyJ.
  14. Thank You Nanettealsop, the reason why I thought there were some listed under the Forum thread........OMG I'm so embarrassed . Maybe I got up too early this morning and need a little esspresso. I think i just at first got overwhelmed when I saw all the replies to both the Beginner tutorials ("How to use custom Brushesv1.9 ) and the original post.
  15. YIKES!! When I first posted this the app did a hang and it posted twice! How do I erase the extra post? Once again many apologies
  16. (Sorry for posting this question again...wasn't sure if anyone saw it where I originally had it) Is there a list of all the Simon Brown's mini-brushes created in PDN or do we need to go to the original post in plug-ins or beginner tutorials? Did I miss something again? Or not look hard enough? (many apologies if I did) What I was thinking of doing (if there isn't a detailed list) is creating a list of all the brushes in alphabetical order and showing examples of each effect of the brushes. It would make it a lot more easier I think. Please let me know as soon as possible because I have a project on hold and am very eager to start playing around with new effects Thank you very much for your help.
  17. Hello Simon & Everyone I have a silly question... Is there a list of all the different brushes on PDN in order that also shows an example of the effect of the brush? If not could one be made? I could possibly create this list myself with a little guidance. Please let me know as soon as possible...I have a project on hold because I am looking for an airbrush effect and am not having much luck. Also I'm looking for a glow brush for some of my other projects I have lined up. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.
  18. Hello, What I mean by a drag feature (no, I'm not talking about a guy in a dress) is way back in 2004 when I had Adobe Photoshop Elements there was a cool feature called Drag-object (?) What it would do is make something longer or larger: For example I could take a models teeth and turn them into sharp-pointy fangs without losing much color and shading - it would have more of a "natural" look. Please feel free to comment or tell me I've lost my mind lol Thanks, KellyJ
  19. Hello, Let me start off by saying I think that there is more than one way to do this but I'd like more experienced users' thoughts on this subject; I am trying to turn my subjects skin into an almost snow-white without losing any details to his face (like lines, texture). Now I think this could be accomplished using the "colored eye" technique but I feel like there is another way to do this with all the different tools and effects that would be easier. Hmmmmm Please feel free to comment. I am open to any suggestions (or if you just want to tell me I'm nuts ) Thanks, Kelly
  20. Hello, I ran into a major problem with the download - I clicked on the Mediafire PDF on the very first post and this phony anti-virus program popped-up instead of the PDF and said my computer was infected with many different viruses. Well I shut my computer off and my modem to prevent the fake program from downloading on my computer. I've seen these fake anti-virus programs before and they can wreak havoc on your computer. I thought I should bring this to your attention ASAP. Thanks for your time.
  21. From now on I will not use this websites search option....I found out that if I had searched on my own under the Tutorials Distortions and modifications I would have found it a lot easier LOL
  22. Okay I'm new at this and hope I'm not missing a step or misunderstanding something obvious. I get how to do everything except the Glow part - Am I suppose to open a new layer for that? My eye picture is not turning out at all like the other pictures in this tutorial . For now I will play around to try to figure this out......About a year or so ago I a friend of mine introduced me to and we played around with this tutorial and it worked. Unfortunately with my 42 year old brain I can't remember exactly what we did to get it to work. Do I need to be more specific about anything? Like should I write out step by step of what I did? thank you