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  1. I noticed in the "Today's Deals" section of the Microsoft store there was paint.net for $3.99 (USD) and I was thinking, wait a minute pdn is free... why are they allowed to sell copies of it?
  2. When I try to open pdnrepair.exe it says Error 0x4005008
  3. I also just found out that my shortcuts half the time don't work and the rectangle select wont work at all
  4. Paint.net has never lagged me because I normally only use pretty low resolution images but as soon as I installed the new version of paint.net I TONS of lag even when only on a 16x16 canvas with 1 layer! I am extremely confused as to why this is
  5. My idea for the next update is being able to change tools' keyboard shortcuts. (Unless I'm just an idiot and cant find where you do that)
  6. Whenever I download the installer for a plugin pack and run the installer it says that the plugin pack has been successfully installed, but when I restart pdn, the plugins are not there I have looked in the effects folder and the plugins aren't there either any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have recently downloading and run the installer and restarted pdn but the plugins will not appear. I searched in the effects folder and they are not there either Any help on this matter would be appreciated
  8. I have seen in many plugin packs an installer and a manual installation using the zipped ddl files. I was wondering if this would work for the regular version because boltbait's plugin pack has a manual installation and that worked fine with my pdn. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. This is amazing, I could only dream of drawing something THAT good (me = worst artist of the century)
  10. I agree, if you don't like it, uninstall it. But it is free of all charges so there's no reason to be hating on his hard work
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