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  1. Haha very nice tutorial! Here's my outcome- (The apple symbol shows up as a "" on my computer )
  2. Pretty nice tutorial, but for some reason the RGB Curves option doesn't work for me....And on like one of the last steps, I couldn't figure it out. So, here's my outcome-
  3. AWESOME Idea! I now converted it to "Shirtisred's Gallery". Haha thanks again.
  4. Haha ok thanks for the tips. I made another Poker Chip right after I made the one on here, except with my logo on it. For some reason, I decided not to put it on this post. It'll definitely be on my next thread. :3 (I like following the exact instructions of the tutorial, and THEN experiment.)
  5. Here's a signature that I recently made, and quite like - I also made another signature, and it's the one I'm using currently What do you think about these?
  6. I've been using Paint.NET for about 5 months now! And thank you for those wonderful comments ;D
  7. Thank you so much for the tips! I will be taking those into consideration And the tutorial in making the galaxy is here- http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20968-making-a-galaxy/
  8. Shirtisred's Gallery Hi everyone! Welcome to my gallery! You'll see lots of pictures I made through Paint.NET. Hope you like them What do ya think about them? Please leave a comment! (If you dislike my images, please use constructive criticism to help me)
  9. I could not make it at all, the continents wouldn't take color. It stayed the bland white no matter what I did. =/ Thanks for the tut though.
  10. EPIC Tut. GREAT results, and after looking at the original one, yours was MUCH more simple. Thank you Anyway, here's my outcome - (Yes it looks very similar to yours, but I just like doing almost exactly what the maker does, until I get used to it)
  11. Very nice tut! It was easy to follow, and also pretty funny ;D Anyway, here's my outcome- It's not very creative, but I'm really happy with it. Thanks!
  12. Haha nice tut! I tried it out, and here's what i got- (I know it looks a lot like yours :$)
  13. Hehe awesome looking tut! I will definitely try this out later! ;D
  14. Lol! EPIC tut! All of your steps were easy to follow! Here's my end result-
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