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  1. Forums seem a little scarce lately >_>

  2. Thanks EER! I've updated the post to include pictures of examples. If anyone has a question I'd be happy to help.
  3. Been away for a long time, though most people don't know me so that doesn't matter anyways. Anyways I'm here to show you guys how to do 2 things: 1: Create rough liquid ( The basic idea of it, someone can do better than me I'm 100% sure) 2: Put any textures into it, pictures, patterns, anything you can save in a picture format. (Again, see someone can do it better than me, I'm just providing basic ideas.) We're doing this (Results vary for each user, but should be the same idea): (Picture got deleted cause I was stupid. Please scroll down to the end to see. Will provide other examples as s
  4. Put the white where you want the "light" to shine, make it fade out so it has sort of reflection
  5. Gradient shine is when you use a white/transparent gradient on a corner of and object to make it shiny. You can use motion blur by setting the blur to opposite the direction you want your glass to "fall" (I haven had much experience with motion blur so i wouldn't know)
  6. So i have come up with a way to make ice cubes. Or something that looks like it. Plugins Needed: Shape3D Bevel Selection (Not sure if it comes wit paint.net) Smudge Tool You Can Find These Plugins Around The Forums Here is my first attempt at my own concept. I've noticed i have too many bubbles scattered around and they are too dark, so i fixed those problems in my second, better attempt (the result of this tutorial below) So, first order of action, make new canvas + fill it with desired color (preferably something light, like blue) and add a new layer: On that new layer, fill it
  7. Yes, outline it before making layers, otherwise you just outline the shape of the glass piece
  8. You should outline it twice with the outline objects tool, give it more "glow" than just a white outline, i did that and got a better result for the glass's edge, it looks like in the first example (one with the blue monster)
  9. You can use the "gradient shine" technique to add some reflection to it Just make sure you have a direction for the source of light. EDIT: You can also add a bit of motion blur to make it look like it's falling And i have another tutorial comming up too
  10. Yeah, so after i made my making a galaxy tutorial, i decided to make another, so here we are! We will be making this today: Another Example: Another example: PLUGINS NEEDED: Outline Object So, create a new canvas of your choice (preferably a bit larger than the image you want to "shatter"), and fill the background black Then take the photo you want to "shatter" and put it on a new layer. Then, this is where you make the shape of the "shards". Select your image randomly like this: Then cut and paste in a new layer. Name it Shard 1, do this for all the shards you want to mak
  11. Looks REALLY cool! Nice result I like your galaxy core too! Really shows how flexible this technique is xD
  12. Thanks, if you have questions i can answer them
  13. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Moderators Note: Images in this tutorial have kindly been supplied by Lynxster4 So i am a long time lurker on here, this is my first tutorial on these forums (be easy if i make a mistake please) Today we will be making something like this : Plugins needed : Shape3D So, first step, make a new canvas of any size you like ( i think a big one will be good depending on what size you want your galaxy). For this tutorial's purpose, we will be using
  14. This is really cool! Here is my go at it:
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