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  1. What plugins did you use for this picture you done?
  2. Sometimes it does. Because Its the Picture size. Depends on it it will make the impact. tl:dr Be more specific.
  3. I really need to know what are the plugins of these. Also, I need to know you you do the Hexagon little hexagon shapes And the Stripes Down at the ad those Yellow and black stripes
  4. Keep on trying I know that sometimes itts a faliure
  5. Does this picture have the plugin in PDN?
  6. This looks hard. Dark how did you do that cool thing?
  7. Because this looks epic!
  8. Can I have the plugin of this please?
  9. Hello. Paint.net is AWESOME!

  10. I really like Paint.net! I experienced cool stuff! Sorry for that last topic that I said "I need Help!" sorry for that. And also, I wanted to know What are the plugins Are in this Picture?
  11. Can You Please tell me the plugins of this picture?
  12. made the plugins but it doesnt show up! Can you please help me?
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