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  1. It never does for me. I just tested with a small image and a very large one. It should always remember it's position.
  2. It would be nice if Paint.NET would open with the same window size and location as last time it was run. I've noticed it does this already if you launch Paint.NET from the start menu, but not if you open a file in Paint.NET (which is much more common).
  3. After further testing, I am going to report it as a bug with the MPC HC team.
  4. MPC HC is shorthand for Media Player Classic Home Cinema. A popular, open source media player. It has keyboard shortcuts, but they are not global shortcuts. MPC HC needs focus for them to work. They do not interfere with any other program except Paint.NET It seems there is a bug with Paint.NET because another program should not be able to cause issues like this. The Ctrl, Shift and R keys all work OK and can be tested, so Paint.NET should activate the shortcut when pressed.
  5. I am finding that keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+R are not working when I have MPC HC running. This is despite paint.net having focus and MPC HC not having that keyboard shortcut assigned to anything. I don't remember having any issues before the last couple of updates were released. So I think it started with v3.5.9
  6. Thanks. That seems to work pretty nicely at lower resolutions anyway. High res doesn't work. There is some sort of limit but it doesn't give an error.
  7. Yar I did spot that. But needs inkscape installed which is a pretty big program. So I will just use GIMP (portable) for now.
  8. RadiusFillCorners is not very good. No AA option. I do rounded corners the hard way with large brush size for the corners then zoom right in and join things up and make it look neat.
  9. This is not a request for full support to open/edit/save SVG files. It would be a useful feature if paint.net could import from SVG files. A window will come up so you can adjust the dimensions/size and then it can add the image as a new layer. (Currently, I would use GIMP to convert SVG to PNG then import that into paint.net).
  10. Went and made a new thread for palette files (I did search)... whoops. Anyhoo. Here is my Tango Palette...
  11. I'm getting there. Looks like you just need to use an alpha mask plugin to get a decent effect. - Using this image... http://www.tvshowsep...n-idol-logo.jpg - And this one taken from the concrete tutorial... http://i45.tinypic.com/2wfntvq.jpg I was able to make this really easily (PNG with transparency):
  12. Thanks but not that easy . Do you mean the 1st one? Links in there have 404 errors and the effect is more like distorting the edges of the picture rather than giving it that roughed up, weathered look. You know what I mean? Like more faded and damaged across the surface.
  13. How do you go from a clean 2D image to that roughed up, weathered look? This should demonstrate what I mean by 'roughed up'... LINK
  14. Yes it was like gone 3am I was tired just trying to post that to save other people a load of hassle trying to get it to work.
  15. No, it DOES NOT WORK. However, I have used the plugin from #7 successfully to edit a transparent bmp in an exe file, so #7 is good for sure. A mod should edit post #1 to point to post #7.
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