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  1. Two things. One: Here's my go at it and two: LFC4EVER.......................how did you do that glow effect? It's freakin' awesome!!!
  2. Nice tut except you forgot to say anything about a black layer or white layer or light grey layer in the beginning or are those font colors?. I find out at step 18 and have to go back and start over again and it also lists two backgrounds in the history image on step 18 whereas you said merge the two metal layers in step 9 and do not mention anything about duplicating another. I see the second background layer under the text layer and it's transparent. When you said merge did you mean the concrete layer with one of the metal ones? Please clarify. I'm confused enough as it is. Lol PS - I figured out the fonts are different colors and the second background I'm thinking is the concrete and metal layer at 37% opacity. Am I right?
  3. Many thanks Sarkut. That's two i.o.u. lol
  4. This is going to sound stupid. I want to do the concrete texture but...................where it says go to effects\color\solarize, there's effect and there's color but no solarize. Unless I'm missing something again.
  5. Here goes yet another first for me. I'm trying one in each of the tuts to see which ones give the best effects. So far........very hard.
  6. After several fits and starts and crashing of PDN (twice), I think it had something to do with using the plug-ins too fast back to back, I finally came up with something. While not as good as others here it's better than my first one.
  7. I'm a noob...bee (newbie) and this is my first go'round. It's a bit lame compared to what I'm seeing. I need more practice...lol How do I take the jaggies out of the letters without losing the motion blur? I tried feathering but it didn't work.
  8. Looks like I'm the first to try this one. There are two. The 450x150 and a wall paper I made at 800x600. They turned out not too bad. The little guy.
  9. There may be compatibility issues. The Windowsbase in the log files seems to be the culprit. Check compatibility for the Ultimate version of Win7. It's different from the home premium and professional versions. On home premium the install is as smooth a glass. Also...I had this problem when loading PDN on Vista. There was a compatibility conflict with certain .dll's in system32. Had to go for a re-install under different settings. A dialog usually comes up saying this application may not have installed correctly. Either you ignore it and leave the install alone or do the re-install under the different settings. Other than that I really don't know. My time with it on Vista was very brief.
  10. Don't I feel stupid now. Talk about something staring you in the face. I apologize for my rant. I see them now where as before I didn't take notice. Thanks for all the help and patience. I'm gonna go back and try again. Who knows...maybe I'll get it right this time...lol.
  11. Very disappointing. Quadrilateral reshape does not work. Made no difference.Tried several values and nothing happened. No preview in the screen. Even with feathering...zero. This is what I got.
  12. Okay....here's the quad rilateral reshape. As you can see in the various screenshots the values entered had no effect on the image. Note the history with the head layer selected. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. This thing has got me going bonkers. I love working with PDN. I don't want anything going wrong with it. Now to see if I can finish this.
  14. I am getting extremely frustrated. I'm doing the glass vase and in step 21......see screenshot This is what I get looking for it in distort...... Tut says goto...Effects\Octagonal\quad reshape\matte......not to look in distort. I looked everywhere. I do not have it and the EOE.dll although newer does not contain this plugin...help lease.
  15. I like this tutorial. I've had a problem with creating the glow effect around buttons. Similar to the control buttons at the top right of the web page. I'd like to be able to use them in my calendars. Any suggestions? Or perhaps there is another tutorial you can refer me to. Thanks in advance.
  16. Here is my go at it. Admittedly it needs more work but I wanted to get some opinions as to how to improve on it. My main difficulty was with cutting the image. It isn't real clear as to how to do the invert selection. I tried it numerous times just the way it said in the tut but to no avail.
  17. Here are two more I made using this tut. Thanks Expiration.
  18. My bad. I didn't know that. I'm learning as I go along. Thanks for the tip though.
  19. Here's my go at the Interface Orb Had a bit of a problem with the picture layer probably because there's no picture there. Wanted to put the shadows top and bottom but it doesn't seem to work without a pic actually being there. I think it turned out pretty good anyway.
  20. Thank you Sarkut. I used the rectangular Select and filled that with black. Same effect. I did the glass box with a wall I found. I downsized it to 800x600. Here it is. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. I followed the steps exactly but when I added the black to the glass layer it stays black not grey and what ShapeInterior tool? I looked through all my plugins and didn't find any such tool. Am I missing something? Other than the tool that is.
  22. Okay. Here's my second try. The panda is supposed to dance inside the ball but I thought saving the ball as a .gif would allow that to happen. Didn't work. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  23. Absolutely fascinating. I did a turn at it but it didn't turn out so hot. I want to put one here that'll look like a glass ball rather than a poor facsimile. I'm going back to try again. Some of the ones I see here are seriously good!
  24. Hi...I'm another newbie and this is my first go-round using the tut Power Reactor. Uploaded with ImageShack.us <br><br>I used several different plugins for this one. Bulge, blurs, twist. Just whatever came to mind. I plan on doing more as I get more of a feel for it.<br><br><br><br>