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  1. Congrats Welshblue and Possum:).. if you cant find a theme, i would really like the theme -> Typography
  2. New youtube is worse then old youtube. (it does the same to me Frontcannon...) New facebook is worse then old facebook. (im not using facebook as much as other users do...) New Deviantart is prettier tho worse then old Deviantart...
  3. Nice Tutorial, but i've seen another tutorial which get allmost the same result.
  4. different blendmodes(+) and then rendering some photo's and stocks + some color/and gradient maps..
  5. new large art piece 600*450pixels, plz CnC
  6. I Hate that you have to have Halo 3, to play Halo Reach, i would really like to try it out in the fall. Tomorrow im gonna buy Red Dead Redemption
  7. Since i completed Portal, ive memorized the lyrics (of the credit song) and now i keep singing it...
  8. make it more realistic. it dosent seem "possiple"...
  9. this is not a full tutorial and you have to make some changes to make it look exactly like your photo. this is just a base you can build onto . Make a blue square on a layer. (with a gradient) new layer, make a grey square so as the first on. move this layer beneath your blue square layer. new layer on top of the blue square. use the text tool and write "Ps" select the 2 letters and go to the blue square layer and delete over the 2 letters. now hide you text layer. go to the blue square layer and select the square and the deleted letters. go to effects > objects > Drop Shadow* and then twist the settings to your liking. *you need the plug-in Drop Shadow, if you dont have you can search for it in the plug-in section.
  10. i allso use sennheiser (pc350), and when im on the run im using standard sennheiser ear buds (mx360).
  11. Thank you, and i allso like your style . tho im not into coffe but the golden coffee mug is very welldone.
  12. I like the Dog and the Cat, even tho you are a Liverpool fan great job on the gallery.
  13. A sweet and fresh green apple, mmmrrh.. and they are healthy too .
  14. *Update May 11th 2010* I put in a new signature + SOTW Entry:
  15. not going that well for USA, they allso lost to Denmark(?)
  16. I am so happy that drogba got to be the top goal scorer ... I understand that he got mad at Frank when he didnt allow him to take the Penalty, but i hope they are friends again
  17. Nice Coffee Cup CSM 3 Chrisco, i think its abit too..eh.. predictable 0 #CSM Congratz with the win. i'll enter with my current signature.
  18. Wow.. when i try that i just look like a complete moron
  19. Thanks i've found it Just a Render, Feel free to use it. I'll be posting various renders in my gallery which i'll use in my artwork. Ifind it very quick and easy to render stuff in Paint.Net. so if you want a piece rendered just PM me the Image and ill post the final render in my Gallery
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