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  1. Thanks for the rep point nitenurse. Thanks Red Ochre. I used Clipwarp on the rectangle grid too, then Distorting Mirror. More great results, nitenurse and skullbonz.
  2. I do calligraphy too! And I've done a little bookbinding. What's sad is my handwriting. Great paintings and drawings, guys. Kemaru, your paintings would be great backgrounds for calligraphy.
  3. This is a fun plugin, and everyone is getting such great results. I've been playing too.
  4. Otto is adorable! Otters seem to have so much fun. And Boudica does look pretty tough. I've read a couple of stories about her, she's a great character. Excellent work! I've been playing with Clip Warp too, it's lots of fun.
  5. Congratulations winners! Nice work everyone. Thank you, Welshy. Nitenurse, thank you for hosting.
  6. Thanks pdnnoob. What's frustrating is this same thing happened before, so I deleted page curl from the effects folder and installed it by itself, and then it worked fine. But after updating the pack, it's gone back to not working. Magic wand works though, and I never thought of using it. Thanks again!
  7. What am I doing wrong? I want this to look like the first example, and as far as I can tell the settings are the same. But it doesn't look like the example. Please help?
  8. Nice new additions to your gallery. The fingerprints on the glass cube are great! The glowing ring is pretty cool, the plastic text is neat, and the curly lines look like fun.
  9. I had to enter a zip code, which I had to look for. And because I'm obsessed I found another picture. http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Accessories/Cases-and-Bags/DE6220 Dear Santa I would really really really like one of these: http://www.kobo.com/koboglo And if it's not asking too much, a new computer might be nice too. I'll get back to you on the details. Thank you.
  10. The kitties and mouse are so cute. They look nice and cozy in that hat!
  11. Great image! I like the colours and the contrast with the wavy lines and squares. And your baby girl is adorable!
  12. Very nice gallery. Learning from tutes is so much fun. I haven't even tried pdnoob's planet, it looks complicated. No matter how experienced you are, there's always something to learn. And if you have a different way of doing something, it's new to somebody.
  13. I love the Christmas glossy - lovely colour. And Glowing glossy has interesting contrast with the texture and the glossy - love the colour there too.
  14. My husband set up the two monitors so I don't know how it was done. But I checked my programs and I don't have HydraVision. Thanks for your help.
  15. Thank you, thank you! That was so simple it's almost embarrassing. I have no idea how I did that.
  16. I open Paint.Net and I get this: I have the latest version. I have tried restarting the computer and uninstalling and reinstalling PDN. Please help???
  17. Well, this is just cool! Recolor doesn't always work the way I want but this does. And I can get neat effects when I play with the tolerance and transparency. Thank you!
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