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  1. *cough*cough*cough* Looks like it's going to be my turn to lie on the couch and be waited on. Oh wait. He's back at work tomorrow. Please shoot me.
  2. The new one is pretty cool. I love the colours.
  3. What I like is the challenge of doing something I wouldn't normally do. If I can think of something, that is. In this case I'm blank.
  4. And of course he has it on the weekend so we have to stay home and I get to look after him. If I get it, it'll be during the week and I'll be on my own. Except for the cat, and she's pretty useless.
  5. Looks good! Cool avatar too.
  6. Wow! Amazing work. I know what you mean about writing a tutorial. I can do things, but explaining how is another story!
  7. Our forecast for tomorrow: -12C, wind chill -27. For Monday: 6C. Hubby has a cold. A Man Cold.
  8. Great gallery! I love the clip warp umbrella. You have a nice variety of work, very cool. I like the different signatures.
  9. Great start to your gallery. Nice images, I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Great gallery! You have lots of cool and interesting work.
  11. Great stuff! I really like the eye.
  12. Wow, great work, skullbonz! I'm getting lost in your gallery. I love the alien!
  13. Very nice work, funelephant. Looking forward to seeing more. I wouldn't mind if all the pics were in the first post so I don't have to scroll to see everything.
  14. Amazing work on the compass! So much detail, and I love the metal texture.
  15. Clipwarp rocks! Your gallery is awesome, I wish I could see large versions of the older ones but the thumbnails don't work for me. Love the dragons!
  16. More great sigs! I love the eyes in Carol Maude and the background for Katie.
  17. Awesome gallery dug. Your work is so cool and clever. The detail is amazing. Great work on the new pieces. The strawberry looks yummy, Punkoid is cool, and PufferFish really fascinates me.
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