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  1. I thought it was you. And you happened to be a Professor X look alike.Also, where would I go to find the latest update of Paint.net? I just had to format my flash drive and I lost all of the data (Obviously) EDIT: Nevermind, I found it.
  2. I really wasn't that bothered by it.Just the vibe you got from my post bothered me. I used paint.net for it. However I also had to use some other programs, they required no installation. Similar to Unfreeze.exe except the use of Paint.net is minuscule, so anybody could use any other type of image editing software and get it done. Also you misspelled publish sorry for being a jerk by pointing that out, but it really bothered me. Especially with your avatar being some God-like Professor Xavier guy, I would expect there to be absolute perfection.
  3. I don't see how you got that vibe from what I wrote.I meant something more like "OMG U READ BUT U NO UNDERSTAND! HERE LET ME MAKE FRIENDLY EXPLANATION! NO Y U NO STILL NO GET!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OMG I STILL HAVEN'T LEFT YET!!111!!111" I also don't understand how I broke rule 12 Maybe because I used it in an offensive way, but the rule says it is not an insult...?
  4. So you're saying that what you see in pdn is different than what you are seeing on the internet? It could be your computers display. Or maybe the settings are a bit out of wack on your internet browser. Try viewing the images through a browser you haven't already seen them through. Or try with a different computer than yours.
  5. That's funny how some of these recent replies are about the MS Office Word 2007 ribbon. I quite actually love the ribbon myself. Since I didn't really start using word processors until my latter years of junior high. All I know is Word '07. And then in my freshman year of High School I was put into a Microsoft Office Essentials course which helped me learn far more than any of my other class teachers knew about MS Word. Haha, sometimes I am glad I am part of this digital evolution.
  6. I'm sure you all have heard about the Nintendo 3DS and all of it's fancy no glasses needed 3D. Although it is not the first glasses free 3D, but it is still pretty sweet. Of course I'm sure that you're going to assume since I'm posting in the off topic board about a video game system, I'm trolling or trying to get friend codes. Well I'm not, I'm just posting here to inform the Paint.net Off Topic board that I will take 3D image requests. So those of you who have a 3DS and feel like they want to see their favorite picture/creation in 3D (And not that crappy 3D where it's just a flat image wi
  7. my status? what is this facebook?

  8. Personal Satisfaction. Also...When I update it, Paint.net doesn't replace my previous program files on my flash drive. So, this is quite a dilemma.
  9. So it automatically removes the old version keeps the previously added effects and then updates, kind of?
  10. Would you happen to know where the updated versions get saved?
  11. It's as simple as that what version did I just update mine too? Paint.NET v3.5.4 (Final Release build 3.54.3708.31975) I'm hoping this is the current, because I have my Paint.net installed onto a flashdrive and I am constantly having to update it about every other time I use it. So I was just wondering if I just keep updating it and the update goes somewhere else on my computer, other than my flashdrive.
  12. my halftone doesnt work, are you sure you selected the correct settings.
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