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  1. so I know I promised to make a tutorial on how I did the sword, but I'm gonna drop doing that, because there's really not much in it - instead i'm just gonna tell u what i did here quick I just started with drawing a sword I thought looked nice on a piece of paper and then in Paint.net I simply started by making a line in the midle of my picture, and then used the Line / Curve tool to draw up half of the sword and just mirrored it when I was done (duplicate layer and then layers > horizontal)- that's where the line come in handy, because then I knew where it would be mirrored while drawing for the texture I followed some of the tutorials that's already on the forum, and then just cut out what I needed and in the shape I needed it in that's basicly it - don't think it worth writing a tutorial on :mellow: another tip when drawing up the shape, can be to first draw it up with the pencil or add some dots on some points
  2. yeah as i said I got bored of it and kind of rushed it anyway i've not got more drawings for u atm, but I did make a signature for a forum I'm member of had some spare time while I was rendering some pics out of some of my work (10-12min per render :shock:) and kind of needed a sig on that forum - as the sig says it's a modification for a game (crysis to be exact) and i'm a members of the mod team for the tutorial it's in progress - havn't really had time to write on it lately but I will get it too u
  3. got some more for u: Full size I don't think it's the pretties thing I've ever done - the wooden texture was abit rushed in the end also got something that I did some time ago - mostly to try some woodish texture as for the sword, I don't mind posting a tutorial - it's pretty much the same techniques I used to make the skull and the axe, but it'll probaly take some time since I busy with my 3D modelling for the time (made the sword in 3D ) EDIT: Holy bloody potato! I'd forgot that the axe pic was that big! xD EDIT: updated the axe with preview image
  4. another thing made out of boredom :wink:
  5. ah that makes sense - thanks updated first post
  6. thanks I actully thought that I had made the background transparent, but it didn't turn out that way
  7. hey i'm mostly an amateur 3D artist and mostly using paint.net for making of textures and such, but as I sometimes, in boredom, make some weird stuff and also tries lots of the tutorials I can find on this forum, I decided to open my own gallery thread for C&C anyway here's a little skull I made in school started with that I drawed a pentagram, in hand, and then added some horns, teeths and such - thought it looked kind of cool so tried making it paint.net and I kind of like the result :wink: thinking on adding some more details, but i'll leave that for later
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