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  1. Microsoft's long-standing totally-not-crappy image editor is being retired as of the next Windows 10 Creators Update. Well, I guess everyone will have to convert to Rick's software now.
  2. You go to File -> Save As. Then you'll see a menu called "Save as Type." That's where you can change it.
  3. Microsoft recently announced that they're dropping support for .NET 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1 in order to focus on 4.6 and later. To my knowledge, Paint.NET doesn't support those versions. Will this affect PDN in any way (the end-of-life date is January 12), and will there be an update to support the latest .NET versions?
  4. Will the plugins I have installed in 3.5 transfer to 4.0?
  5. Have the developers abandoned Paint.NET or something? I remember downloading this program way back in 2007, and there used to be an update every few weeks, whether it be a new version or a beta release. Nowadays, it doesn't even seem like this thing updates anymore. Heck, there hasn't even been a BETA update since 3.36 was released back in August. Whatever happened to the constant updates? It's like everything just came to a sudden halt.
  6. Never mind, guys. I got it to work. It turns out that my .NET Framework was corrupted, so I repaired it and rebooted, and now it works. Also, Paint.NET version 3.35 wouldn't fully uninstall, so I used the Windows Cleanup thing to remove it, and that also helped. You guys can ignore this now.
  7. When I try to install the latest version of Paint.NET, I get an error from Microsoft telling me that there's an error with the Setup Front-End. Does anyone know what that means? I can't get Paint.NET to work at all (new or old) because of this damn message.
  8. No. If you want me to clarify, here's my situation in the chronological timeline order: -I had .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 on my computer. -I installed Paint.NET with all those versions still on my computer. Paint.NET worked fine, even with multiple versions. -I uninstalled .NET Framework 1.1 while keeping all the others (including 2.0) intact. Paint.NET stops working. Now, if I had uninstalled 2.0, then maybe it would make sense why it would poop out on me, but 1.1?!
  9. Well, if Paint.NET won't work with it or superior versions installed, and even relies on an inferior version to work, something must be wrong.
  10. Why do the requirements on your website state that I should have .NET Framework 2.0 when it doesn't even work with that? I even have versions 3.0 and 3.5, and Paint.NET doesn't work on those, either. You know what I find ironic? The moment I uninstalled a 1.0 version of the Framework (thinking I wouldn't need it anymore), it stopped working. Yes, you heard me. Version ONE. Can you guys update your requirements on the Download page? I don't think it's correct.
  11. I just received the update for the latest beta build of version 3.35, and during my update, I was surprised to be greeted with a license notice. :shock: That usually doesn't happen when receiving updates. Before I clicked to agree, I noticed that the license said it was updated on June 1. What was changed or updated in the license?
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