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  1. Here's my try at it: They are weird ^-^' I need to work on them a bit xD Until I get it right, you know
  2. Where is Grid, it's not in my effects/render/ :shock: Am I blind? Is there a plug-in we must download before trying this tut? I mean no one said anything about it. :shock: Url to screenshot on my PDN: http://i43.tinypic.com/n1w390.jpg HELP?
  3. Well I didn't quite get the advanced finishing steps, but the image looks nice
  4. Very nice tutorial, but why did most of you apply it on a car? Lol Anyway here's my try: I also applied the blending effect on the border
  5. Very nice tutorial, I'll try it when I have a bit of free time =)
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