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  1. Are you using Windows XP or Windows Vista? Or something else
  2. Then try out Swedish and Finish And a little portugese, chinese, german
  3. I think i'll take a good Sony, DSC-T500 More Information: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0808/08082 ... c-t500.asp I think that's the one i would like
  4. I'm sure Pyrochild can come up whit a plugin like that
  5. Have a look at this direction: viewforum.php?f=29
  6. Thankyou BoltBait I'll have a look in the stores "Finland"
  7. Daviiid, It's related whit PdN because, every shot i take will be re-made in PdN And thanks guys for the help, i'll have a look at it later
  8. If you are using Windows XP, then go to Control Panel, and u'll see the folder named: Font or Fonts
  9. In the picture, so your name, can you modifie it? More like smoother text... Damn, i can't explain what i mean Like glowing text.,.
  10. New Picture, and I hope you guys have a name for it
  11. Anyone who knows a good camera? like HP, Canon, Sony.... Tell me what you know and i'll might buy me one
  12. What a amazing gallery you have, it's very nice that someone has the taste of MC's
  13. I think Pujolsrules22 is wrong about it's his first sig, It's a good one
  14. Thank you! But I still don't believe it's on the same level as yours. Anywayz, new wallpaper! Full size: http://fc28.deviantart.com/fs41/f/2009/ ... tiiste.png Check out my deviantArt! http://artiiste.deviantart.com/ This one looks amazing, i kinda like it mate
  15. VIISI0Nz x: We are waiting for more sigs from you Sing it out mate
  16. In Finish: Onks se sun vaimo? In English: Is it your wife? Because the girl looks good Nice job mate! Have a nice day: //AmadeusX d[^_-]b
  17. Nice one LFC4Ever! I've been testing Apple's computers but i don't really like them. Im holding me to XP and Linux for my projects else your pictures are amazing! Good job mate
  18. Thankyou HELEN I were testing to add some random colors in it, it's nice when it comes to that im color blind Am just like challenging whit myself x)
  19. Well, i don't see a problem on your pictures... because... they are amazing
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