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  1. Nice tutorial. And hey Tobi96, why not change the language to english instead of germany?
  2. Then click at the "X" button for deleting a layer? and if you want it back hit: Ctrl+Z (Undo) Ctrl+Y (Re-do) This is what i think you might thinking of ^^.... Have a nice day
  3. The infra-red have some noise, And it doesn't look good in the daylight (if you have/had it on). And by scaling down the size it would/could help (on the camera) If this alternatives doesn't help you, then give it back to Sony Nah, am just joking. Every camera has it own settings, Just for you to get used to
  4. Fint galleri du har/Nice gallery you have...
  5. onesinalife: I think you should have a look at your "new" camera. Not the "old" one There should be more settings to play whit, or do you have a "scroller" at the top of the camera? You maybe have the infrared-thingy on
  6. Yvil: Who are you talking to? Me Or Willisme1? =)
  7. Thankyou Survulus New Picture, Direct uploaded! A grill whit a little fire cant be bad?
  8. Maybe works whit PdN? That's a question for Rick B. Else i think it mights will help me drawing the pictures =)
  9. Thankyou But Am sorry, I can't put out tutorials, I may only make a movie tutorial...
  10. My own Space, Just been testing...
  11. And i don't know if there is any tutorials for what i've tried....
  12. hmmm, nothing named "Smudge" I can't explain how it's made, most i've played whit was layers.... Anyway, have a nice day, I'm going to sleep
  13. I've tested if i could make something that looks like a comet...
  14. Nice pics, Continue making pics, I like them =)
  15. Nice Work Melissa You use lighten colors, and Im just using dark colors, good combination
  16. Sounds good Why peps are cutting their self i don't know... Some virus xD
  17. Nice one, but remember do not listen to HIM! You will only cut yourself
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