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  1. Thankyou Im getting better and better after each time am opening PdN
  2. Thankyou Im getting better and better after each time am opening PdN
  3. Like a fire light, but in a glass globe
  4. Correctly! Somewhere have we other started to So keep reading tutorials (Am not reading tutorials, never have ) Someday you will do some work as we other Anyway, nice gallery!
  5. The function is the same, but it wont be the same picture
  6. 3 Different color lines, and Spiral Blur or whatever the name was x) and so on. I can't tell you how i made it, but i may do that project again
  7. http://nathanbowers.com/wp-content/uplo ... anager.png There you have it
  8. I've been testing some magic Illusions that might peoples call it: Note: I've forgotten to make the light more wider that is under my face :S
  9. http://www.letsgodigital.org/se/news/ar ... 20063.html What about that one? =)
  10. Sorry Devey, but this is allready excisting: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25425&hilit=tile+reflection And then the line: 11. Now create a new layer, and apply the cloud effect with the blend mode set to normal, followed by a tile reflection distortion effect, you can use any angle, but I suggest 0, you can change the tile size, I used 40, change the curvature to 2. Then finish off with another cloud with the blend mode set to difference.
  11. I Were talking whit Rick.Brewster and he said there is no Tablet support. Have a nice day: //AmadeusX d[^_-]b
  12. Nice features, but I think the lens is pretty small. And, it only has a 5x optical zoom. I've tried several cameras with small lenses like that and never had any luck taking a decent picture. Ahaa oki,Well then i have to search for an other one
  13. If the files are in different folders it wont work. all the plugins file name are: .dll files and should be just in the folder: Effects that means, you will have to extract only the dll files to: C:\program files\paintdotnet Or wherever your Paint.Net folder is located. I Hope this works fine for you now. EDIT: Here is how it looks like in my computer: http://r6.se/temp/MyLocatedArea.jpg But am using Swedish version of Windows XP
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