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  1. I play Twilightheroes (twilightheroes.com) and KoL (Kingdomofloathing.com)
  2. This doesn't really have anything to do with paint.net, but I wanted to show off my awesome pumpkin. =) Peanut Butter Jelly Time! =D
  3. Woot! I made my first icon thingy today. Not the best ever, but oh well =)
  4. Made this just messing around. I couldn't get the lighting on the ball to look right. Also had trouble with the ripple, but I tried =/
  5. Heh. I asked how to make this effect from this same picture yesterday. =)
  6. I think this is my favorite fire I have made so far =)
  7. I tried adding the third sphere in the middle. Not sure that I like it though.
  8. Ok. How does this look? I am still getting used to PDN, so if it sucks just tell me =)
  9. Looks like it would work. Haven't had a chance to try it though.