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  1. Thank you! One problem...not allowed to go on other sites. Must get permission first I'm only 13 but thanks anywho! I shall edit my gallery when I finish working out the thumbnail system! Thanks again!
  2. Nice Nice very Nice. I can see you like Polar Inversion not very many people can make it actually look good I've found. And guess what! You can! *Bows*
  3. I have a seven year old relative. I like showing him stuff on Paint.Net. I log on today and say "Oooh. New gallery". I click on it and see a nude (and poorly drawn) lesbian pic. Try reading the rules and please delete that picture. As 007 said this place is family friendly. Thanks.
  4. I have been wondering if someone, anyone, could make tutorials for plugins...say Alpha Mask or Median Blur or other obscure but useful plugins. That would help many a new person (including me) understand Paint.Net better. Plus (just random) how do I link up to a bigger picture and just leave a little version...say for a gallery... Thanks!!!
  5. Thank you! I feel flushed with joy...Ribbit...
  6. I am a 13 year old oaf who has been using this for a while but only joined now...Yeaah...*Cough* Anyway.... Welcome to my working progress! A Corroded Avatar and Signature! A FroG Avatar and Signature! YAY! A "Snake" Avatar and Signature... Random picture time! YAY! Fire Planet thingy...can't remember if this is tut or not...no Shape3D though. This is my try at a space scene...*looks at Helio* It's pitiful...I know...don't rub it in... This is old...I like it though...but it's old... Merry Christmas all! Abstract! Oooh! A box full of OLD creations! Tell me if you want to see any of the old ones (HA!) ! The rest is soon to come... Critiscism requested, encouraged, and accepted (compliments are nice too...if I'm worthy)!
  7. *Cough* Ummm...will this ever get started back up again? It looked quite fun...
  8. And then it died...Joking! I posted didn't I? I have no idea. I asked for iPod Touch 32 Gig but lets be serious...$400? *Sob*
  9. I love this... P.S. Brad...how did you do that? It looks like fractal but how would one go about cutting one out? Cookie cutter fractal? Whatever it is, great effect.
  10. *Evil grin* How do you think my mom wil react when she sees that she has seven teenage sons now... Can't wait to try! Looks awesome.
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