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  1. Wow, Crimson, I get back from being away, and you get to be the first person I get to rate. I'm glad you changed it from your 500-post sig, honestly. (Not saying it was bad, promise.) I say, 8.9/10 Your name is a tad too dark, although I like the idea / theme of it. Also, the "bloody" splatters are so darkly shaded that they're either too hard to tell apart from the black splatters and/or they look brownish. Either all of the splatters are black, or they're a bit more, well, crimson. I don't know, just my thoughts on it.
  2. AYE! I am back. And with my return, I bring you the imbued combo! It may not be much, but I tried a few new things, and got a decent result. Also, the render was hard to work with. Here! -- PLEASE be sure to check back soon. I plan on making a lot of stuff within the next few days. I just hope I can make some times to sit down and do them in a sitting or two.
  3. pipp92: It's actually quite noticable. @K_I_NG 1st: 7/10. I like the effect of the gradient bars, but the text seems too simple for the rest of the signature. 2nd: 6/10. There is too much going on, which ends up being too distracting to the render. Good job on them so far. Mkay, so I did two versions of this signature. Minor details changed: Bottom layers of renders blurred rather pixelated. Pixelated: Blurred: Please rate both, as well as my current signature. Critiques is also very appreciated! THANKS!
  4. Thanks jerfight!!!! I undertsand what you're saying, and agree to an extent. Well, I tried both ideas, and both end up with extremely little, or no difference at all. I think this has to do with the arrows themselves. They're from a brush pack, and they have some jittery missing bloches (sp?) from them. I could be wrong though. Anywho, I love this signature LFC4EVER. 9.5/10. I don't know what, but I feel as if something really small, or even a small detail, needs to be added to it. Great job! Mkay, so I did two versions of this signature. Minor details changed: Bottom layers of renders blurred rather pixelated. Pixelated: Blurred: Please rate both, as well as my current signature. THANKS!
  5. ^ Is completely right about me liking to eat Yogos. Yummm. < is sweating V Should give me some ideas to try in PDN.
  6. I kept it kind-a looking aliased because I though it helped support the motion sharpen I did on the arrows. Blah, I don't know. WOLF: 9/10 Everything looks nice, and I find the font apporpriate. Mind telling me how you made the background blocks/design, assuming you made it. Current: 9/10 Love the idea! EDIT: To scudder's singature. 8.7/10 I like it, but there's just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. =/
  7. 7/10 I find it great!!! But the part that needs fixing is the lighting. [Along with brightness as well.] It's actually quite hard to see the render. And that's a big aspect of a signature. I have a new signature! WHoot! I doubt people will like it as much as my Rampage one, but I dunno.
  8. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I've been lacking ideas, majorly. It's quite sad. And because of it, I haven't been around the forums lately. I'm just dumb. But, I forced myself to think in a chair and conjure up something. Here's the new sig/ava combo: REPEL |
  9. Wow, thanks Helio. =/ I was actually thinking about taking a shot at entering, but now since I've seen yours, I know I stand no chance. Good job.
  10. WOW. These floor me away. Really. They'are at a level where I really can't properly give criticism. Are you for sure that the first and last ones are 100% PDN?
  11. With Lines. 8/10 I actually like it a lot. You're rapidly improving from when you first started. I can see it. iKid: The colors were to semi-clash and be bright. But I understand your rating. Again, both current and this one please:
  12. Car. (Dunno if this has been asked but...) Soft-Drink or Soda Pop
  13. Oh, so is your's photoshop'd or PDN'd? If photoshop, -10/10. Can the next person rate both my current and this one: (I was trying something new, only to find that I couldn't do it. SO I ended up with this...)
  14. 007 Nab, I've been obsessed with your sig ever since I've been back (it's been a few days), and this updated one is incredible. I even give it a 10/10 That's hard to get from me. =P I may even ask for a little mini-tut. :wink:
  15. 8/10 Love the lighting, style, and the simplicity. It's just a little TOO simple.
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