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  1. i think you should add some red in with it it make it shows both romance and paranormal at the same time.
  2. It depends what the novel genre is. is it horror, ramance, drama.
  3. Here i have meda a few new signiures: This one has a nice cartoon look to it. This signiture has a bloody, rusty metal effect. This one has a ghostly,foggy look with a crooked fence in the background. This one is a quite simple design just the same name (but with different colours) overlapping each other.
  4. Very nice pictures, have a nice 3d effect on the eyes.
  5. Hi people im back again, i have been gone for atleast a yeah but im back now and i will be adding more pictures to my gallery.
  6. here is mine its called splatter paper:
  7. hi people im back. sorry for double posting. here is my latest art:
  8. my mums friend has gone on holiday for a week for her birthday but dosent want anyone to decorate her house. so this is what i want you to do: could anyone please help decorate this house with happy 50th birthday banners accross the windows and some balloons. and please make it look as realistic as you possibly can. ty. oh and could it be done for atleast wednesday.
  9. i like this one i think it resembles a rose and i think it looks quite realistic:
  10. what is the best file type (that maintains good graphics) to save paint.net pictures in. -PNG -PAINT.NET -BMP -GIF -JPEG (jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif) -TIFF -TGA -DirectDraw Surface -Photoshop.
  11. i dont like to see people getting beat down on either.
  12. another cool sunset i have made:
  13. hey Ryu dont beat down a guy because his art is differnt take it in as somethink differnt ty simple for saying that
  14. its ok. no harm done. hope your life gets better.