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  1. Wow, Crimson, I get back from being away, and you get to be the first person I get to rate. I'm glad you changed it from your 500-post sig, honestly. (Not saying it was bad, promise.) I say, 8.9/10 Your name is a tad too dark, although I like the idea / theme of it. Also, the "bloody" splatters are so darkly shaded that they're either too hard to tell apart from the black splatters and/or they look brownish. Either all of the splatters are black, or they're a bit more, well, crimson. I don't know, just my thoughts on it.
  2. AYE! I am back. And with my return, I bring you the imbued combo! It may not be much, but I tried a few new things, and got a decent result. Also, the render was hard to work with. Here! -- PLEASE be sure to check back soon. I plan on making a lot of stuff within the next few days. I just hope I can make some times to sit down and do them in a sitting or two.
  3. pipp92: It's actually quite noticable. @K_I_NG 1st: 7/10. I like the effect of the gradient bars, but the text seems too simple for the rest of the signature. 2nd: 6/10. There is too much going on, which ends up being too distracting to the render. Good job on them so far. Mkay, so I did two versions of this signature. Minor details changed: Bottom layers of renders blurred rather pixelated. Pixelated: Blurred: Please rate both, as well as my current signature. Critiques is also very appreciated! THANKS!
  4. Thanks jerfight!!!! I undertsand what you're saying, and agree to an extent. Well, I tried both ideas, and both end up with extremely little, or no difference at all. I think this has to do with the arrows themselves. They're from a brush pack, and they have some jittery missing bloches (sp?) from them. I could be wrong though. Anywho, I love this signature LFC4EVER. 9.5/10. I don't know what, but I feel as if something really small, or even a small detail, needs to be added to it. Great job! Mkay, so I did two versions of this signature. Minor details changed: Bottom layers of renders blurred rather pixelated. Pixelated: Blurred: Please rate both, as well as my current signature. THANKS!
  5. ^ Is completely right about me liking to eat Yogos. Yummm. < is sweating V Should give me some ideas to try in PDN.
  6. I kept it kind-a looking aliased because I though it helped support the motion sharpen I did on the arrows. Blah, I don't know. WOLF: 9/10 Everything looks nice, and I find the font apporpriate. Mind telling me how you made the background blocks/design, assuming you made it. Current: 9/10 Love the idea! EDIT: To scudder's singature. 8.7/10 I like it, but there's just something about it that rubs me the wrong way. =/
  7. 7/10 I find it great!!! But the part that needs fixing is the lighting. [Along with brightness as well.] It's actually quite hard to see the render. And that's a big aspect of a signature. I have a new signature! WHoot! I doubt people will like it as much as my Rampage one, but I dunno.
  8. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I've been lacking ideas, majorly. It's quite sad. And because of it, I haven't been around the forums lately. I'm just dumb. But, I forced myself to think in a chair and conjure up something. Here's the new sig/ava combo: REPEL |
  9. Wow, thanks Helio. =/ I was actually thinking about taking a shot at entering, but now since I've seen yours, I know I stand no chance. Good job.
  10. WOW. These floor me away. Really. They'are at a level where I really can't properly give criticism. Are you for sure that the first and last ones are 100% PDN?
  11. With Lines. 8/10 I actually like it a lot. You're rapidly improving from when you first started. I can see it. iKid: The colors were to semi-clash and be bright. But I understand your rating. Again, both current and this one please:
  12. Car. (Dunno if this has been asked but...) Soft-Drink or Soda Pop
  13. Oh, so is your's photoshop'd or PDN'd? If photoshop, -10/10. Can the next person rate both my current and this one: (I was trying something new, only to find that I couldn't do it. SO I ended up with this...)
  14. 007 Nab, I've been obsessed with your sig ever since I've been back (it's been a few days), and this updated one is incredible. I even give it a 10/10 That's hard to get from me. =P I may even ask for a little mini-tut. :wink:
  15. 8/10 Love the lighting, style, and the simplicity. It's just a little TOO simple.
  16. HOLY Ba-JEBUS. I seriously am in love with it. 9.789/10 There's just no text. At all. Not even a letter.
  17. ^Incorrect < Has a wedgie V Picks wedgies out in public. ;P
  18. 7/10 I find it to be too contrasty (I know it's not a word) for my liking, which is odd, because I like contrast. (I honestly don't know what exactly I'm saying about that. Haha) I also really dislike the transparency in the text. It doesn't fit right. Brushes are okay, but definitely could do better.
  19. 6/10 I love the concept of it. Makes me smile inside. haha But it is far too simple. It doesn't even have a border.
  20. False, although I don't mind the music. TPBM Has/will goto church today.
  21. 17/20 =D I really love the pixelation and the color scheme. And I love the font, A LOT, but to me, it just doesn't fit.
  22. 10/10 Because you are CMD. Anyone else, 8/10 I honestly can't tell if the PDN icon is the body and he's laughing, OR if the man is hugging the PDN icon. :?
  23. Sadly, true. It shouldn't be that way though. TPBM wants to give me $100. =D
  24. ^Nada < Is finally back to the forums after about a month break v Probably doesn't even care that I was gone
  25. Hey all! Thanks for the comments guys. Sorry I've been away. Life's been hectic with school ending and what not. But I've still been working in PDN, just most it of was Photo Editting. I did manage to make something I was/am very proud of [more of sig than ava].
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