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  1. Thank you! Wow, what a community to be part of.
  2. Actually only the last is not completely PDN. The first is do-able with PDN(the marble is a mess turned into a sphere), when I can find more time to do something besides mess with this, I'll make a tutorial. Im infactuated with this program. Oh! And thank you all so much for the compliments!
  3. Hey Im actually new, but quite addicted to PDN so here are a few of my pictures, I hope the ones I made for my church aren't considered advertising. Thanks for ANY advice I can get on these, as I am trying to learn as much as possible! This is part of my sig One for the church Another for the church, I really like this one The last one without words I call this one "Judgement," I hope it makes sense to someone besides myself, I love the tiles I do apologize if my faith or religion offends anyone Music (I sure wish splatter still worked) Oh, and yes, I recognize the fire i
  4. Word. You're right. Im just not happy about the splatter effect being rendered inoperable.
  5. Thanks for the link, VERY informative! I guess I should have known to search "neon," but Im pretty new here, so thanks a lot!
  6. Miguel actually did this with a camera I come to find out. But can anyone re-create it in PDN and if so, please explain.
  7. Photoshop has a plugin that says tube in the name, and looks like neon light tubes that you can do whatever you want with, like a brush. Have I overlooked it or is it still in the making? Thanks!
  8. Use to work, and I loved it, now it does not, and I hate it.
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