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  1. Thanks everyone.

    @Axle: I agree. The background is just black which makes the whole sig look boring. I definitely agree with you.

    Lol, I made a new size since I thought there was too much black space.


    Also, I am going to make a tutorial? Any suggestions on what the tutorial will be about?

  2. I really like all these ideas, they're all excellent! :)

    However, I personally think that there are too many competitions going on now and this forum is getting quite messy with all these discussion, entry and voting threads.

  3. Erm...sigs don't have don't have to be small. As long as they're not over 800x600, they're sigs. (Since 800x600 over are considered as large peices, IMO)

    But anything you can use as a signature is a sig. :)

    Would you really use a 800*600 sig? :|

    Anyway, I don't think there should ever be themes, this thread was intended to be freestyle all the way. Here's what I suggest:

    Well...there are much bigger sigs on other forums. :D


    IAO: 1

    Frontcannon: 3

    Great job Frontcannon, you win! :)

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