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  1. I got bored, so I made this...



    Try using a stock as a background. Doing so makes sigs way more interesting.

    Also try blending in the render with the other stuff more. It looks a bit out of place right now.

    Overall the sig just needs more effects. But good job and keep it up :D

  2. not bad ;)

    add more effect c4ds and fractals to your sigs to create a better atmosphere

    also try using stocks as backgrounds for your sigs (i recommend some sci fi or gaming wallpapers)

    btw your current sig is really nice ;)

    great to see ppl doing render sigs

  3. I really like it, The wavy Glowing lines are nice and the text is perfect. THe right side is a little to over-saturated for my liking though :(


    Please Rate:


    Not to bump an old thread or anything but I was browsing thru some pages and then I saw this

    Lol this mayor guy ripped that sig off from my friend flow55. This sig is not made by him.

    Never thought there were rippers here @@

    Someone tell this mayor guy stopping ripping other people's work lol

    Proof: http://www.signaturebar.com/forums/showthread.php/sotw-152-voting-35177/index.html

    Next person rate the person above me

  4. ;O eh dont call me a legend xd not fit to be one yet lol

    well the reason i dun have my sig and avi up is because well i used to have one, but then when the whole forum like changed itself, everyone lost all their sigs and avatars and i couldnt be bothered to upload another set of them again xd

    and sorry i didnt cm on your sig. it's because idk how to comment on sigs like those no offence it's just that i do render sigs not those kinda sigs

  5. ahaha thx so much ninjaman :D

    never knew i actually inspired anyone lol

    i would go on to this forum more but then i dont really do anything related to pdn or gfx anymore so i guess there's no point in havin me here xd =v='

    well my old photobucket broke down but i have already made a new one so that's one problem solved;D

    but another prob is all my old work (from 2007-2009) was saved in my old photobucket ;(

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