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  1. @mitzumikare

    Nice job. Try to focus on quality. Maybe add some more effects on the text. Try adding on some c4d's or fractals. Keep practicing. 6/10 ;)


    Work on quality. The sig itself is quite lq imo. Clearn your effects a little. The c4d's look a bit bad imo. The text looks like it's in the way and carries all the attention to it. Ditch the border also. The rende ris too big imo. Maybe reduce its size a little and position it up a bit. Last thing I wanna say is that the lighting of the render doesn't fit with that of the bg. It's not a big problem because a lot of sigs are like that too but the atmosphere of your sig really needs work. Try to read some tutorials. 7/10


    Please rate that

  2. Briamoth, 10/10 as it matches your avatar perfectly. Nicely done.

    SAND33P, 8/10. It looks simple at first glance, but it is more complex than that. I like it. What does the Japanese say?

    yy10, 6/10. If you created the individual pictures yourself I'd rate it higher. It's those little square boxes that bother me.

    I have a new sig now. Thoughts?

    umm...I did? Is that a problem?

    Btw, I said "TPBM rate Sand33p" and not me because I don't consider mine as a sig.

  3. Both should remove border and text tbh. Stone's has a more defined focal but it is low quality. Mayor's looks a bit messy and I don't know what I am/should be looking at(which is more important than quality, imo). I spent a hard time choosing...

    Mayor: 2

    Stone: 1

  4. I've rated that before, but I'll add some more to what I said. Don't motion blur a background on a sig with a render/stock focal unless you're adding fractals and stuff and you've got a pretty bg and you set the layer to Addictive. The light source is quite umm... not very good and looks pretty random. Try adding light sources that blend with the render. For your sig, maybe you should make the right part of the render darker and the left part brighter. Then you can add a light source of the left part so that in blends in more. Cool. 7/10 :)


    omg i want a rating dis time

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