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  1. both sigs arent very good meh but howler's one was better. not gonna comment on ninjaman's sig but imma cc a bit on howler's.

    first thing is you darkened the focal (which is obviously, the render, which is naruto) and brightened the bg. this makes people distracted from the focal and look at the bg instead, which isnt good

    well secondly, it looks like u didnt plan how you smudged the naruto. it just looks like you smudged in random directions. that doesnt make the sig look good and makes it look messy. next time smudge with flow or sth. ( for example, follow the direction of the render. look at naruto, he is facing the left side. it would be nice if you could smudge to the right side, following the flow)

    thirdly, there's a piece of black there on the lower left corner which looks outta place and random lool


    ninjaman: 1

  2. OMG. ... Okay, first I'll insert the smiley here: :lol::DB) To better illustrate that it wasn't a criticism intended at all. OMGoodnees no ... I was just stuck on a perspective which can be turned on and off. I should also note that if I hadn't been doing this and that, lack of sleep, etc I would have ensured that my often dry humor was illustrated better.

    ESPECIALLY since I'm ultra-noob ... I have an eye for this and that and some base experience but I'm far from being "teh pr0z" (rule violation to illustrate point) in any far reach of even my imagination.

    I just fired up my nerve to post on the main forum as a new year's resolution and I'm mucking away it seems.

    Sincere apologies for any misunderstanding. I've just not gotten to point of commenting on all the great work I've seen you (and many others too folks) plug into the forum. Whether it be text or pictorial, there is layers to being an interactive human in a digital world. You're far surpassing most in your wish to communicate, help, and share ... So please dont let a silly old geek like me dissuade or discourage you.

    And if that was somehow dry humor as a passive retort, point taken. I know my limitations. I just forget them sometimes when it comes to communicating in the worlds worst forum: Internet Text in an International Crowd base. 'Cause to be fair, we really dont all speak the same language. I think in flow charts and wiring diagrams a lot ... process analysis and technical writing ... but sometimes I like to wear funny hats. B)

    I hope this was enough public falling on of a sword to illustrate I had no intention of slight towards your work and efforts. My first post stands. I love the feel of it and it elicited a sincere need to say something about that impression left upon me. The rest is just locker room banter for all that.


    lol overly serious

    same goes for that chick there

  3. well firstly i think u cropped the render wrongly cuz a render is a .png where there is no bg, there is only the focal itself so u shouldnt need to cut the white space and there wont be any white lines around it. (i hope u know what i mean lol

    the text placement is weird, it looks like it's just floating by itself

    the whole sig is too big, there are a lot of boring spaces. maybe size it down a bit

    add more effects cuz it's quite boring right now looks like its got nothing goin on

    the border looks weird btw - -''


    rate this pls


    rate the one u think is better pls

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