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  1. @ aile. Wow. That looks amazing! Here's another space picture I made. Am I sensing a theme? lol.
  2. Ah, the magic of Hollywood...increasing people's expectations for decades. :-) The fact is, they're right - the programs that Hollywood use do not exist in the real world. What they do is either take a really big picture and zoom it out, then play the clip backwards, or take two pictures: one zoomed out, and one zoomed in. Optical zoom is the only way to do this. Darn it, lol. Well there goes my idea, lol.
  3. Is there any way to increase the quality of zoomed images? What I want to do is what you see them do in movies and TV shows where they zoom into a part of the picture, it's all blurry, then they do something and it becomes like if it were never zoomed. If paint.net can't do it could someone refer me to a program that can? Thanks in advance.
  4. I know, but if you use the equation creator in MS Word you can type it out and then copy it into paint.net. Makes typing anything not on the keyboard really easy.
  5. What I do when I want to add special symbols into my image is I type it out in MS Word then copy and paste it into the paint.net image.
  6. Yet another space based one, lol. A friend of mine wanted me to change the colour of the ship (used to be a greyish blue) and add in a planet. Man, I'm startin to get a lot of practice with planets, lol.
  7. In keeping with my space theme here's another one Let me know what you think.
  8. Here's another star system picture made by me. This one's a gas giant
  9. That could work too but I'm going to stick with the method mentioned above cause it textures it better. not only adds craters but mountain ridges and what not.
  10. Actually that works a lot better than I thought. Thanks!
  11. No, I don't think that's going to work. I tried messing around with the fractal settings but it always ends up covering most of the canvas. Wouldn't look right to have the entire surface coverred by craters.
  12. Hey everybody, got a question here. Anybody know a good way to make craters? I'm trying to make a moon and want to have some good smashes in it. Any ideas?
  13. Also wanted to post this. It's not very good since it was one of my very first attempts at photo editing anything but I find it amusing, lol.
  14. Will do. Just a bit of a pain to constantly adjust since it's an intensive render and my computer is gettin up there in years. Thanks for the tip though 8)
  15. Hey there. This is my first post. I've been using Paint.net for a few months now and my friends say I'm getting pretty good. I've been using the tutorials on here quite a bit and I must say they're extremely helpful (thanks to all the people that made them). I just feel like showing off some of my art so ya, I found this thread and am posting, lol. Comments always appreciated. A space background: Some Mortal Kombat sigs (too big to be used here but still cool): ^^That one's my fav, lol.
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