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  1. Post subject: Popular Feature RequestsPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:59 pm this is when that link u posted was opened (over a year ago). to put ETA at the end of things, means it will happen but not sure when, Now to keep thing on topic as you put it, i was asking would it happen in this Beta version?, and the answer i was lookinh for is "No".
  2. will there ever be plans for a straight line lasso tool? as it one thing thats really missing off the tools bar
  3. Is there any plans on a Straight line lasso tool for the final release?
  4. i realy wanted one like the one in my post but thankyou anyway
  5. i looking to recreate this swoosh but im finding harder than i thought, would someone be able to help me, this pic is low res, but i would like it to be high res, colors the same etc etc. hope you can help out a fellow Paint.net user.
  6. i Know this maybe a cop out but i found this maybe handy for some, and not as much fun as making your own i know, but its quick and handy for work maybe where Paint .net is not aound. http://cooltext.com/
  7. is there a such thing as a lasso tool that does a straight line like in photoshop? or is it only the free hand tool we have as it hard to use n a laptop. and yes it is an Subaru Impreza STi
  8. i would like to lower my car, i have no plugins as yet and the verion i have is v3.22, so i am loking for a step by step help, this maybe already done, i have search but with no look as yet. thankyou in advance.....
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