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  1. *so ... many ... parentheses ... Expiration posted it in really small font in the pictorium so I copied it into word in order to enlarge it and read it.
  2. Trinity doesn't have an avatar so I'll rate jerkfight's. 9.5/10 Really awesome.
  3. In all honesty I don't use it very often but I shall endeavour to explore it a little more. That's ok. In time you will learn the features. I've had an account since October 6, 2006 and I have over 1400 images. Fell free to check out my account. The link is on my sig. Wow. You are seriously talented.
  4. In all honesty I don't use it very often but I shall endeavour to explore it a little more.
  5. Wasn't aware of the sub-album feature. I'll do that then. Thanks.
  6. Can someone recommend to me a good photo hosting site (not photobucket, will explain that). I'm considering making a paint.net tutorial but I don't want all the screenshots plugging up my photobucket account.
  7. What you'd be best doing is cutting out the picture of yourself in the sitting in the chair pose then puting it into the picture without the chair in the same place.
  8. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be posted here or not but it does concern an image I made in paint.net. If it doesn't belong here please move it to where it belongs and I'll be sure to remember that's where topics of this type go for in the future. Anyway, the question. I'm trying to print out some images I made in paint.net (they can be seen here http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1072&start=13050) and I'm having some issues. Either it lays it out over the whole page, which I don't want (I want it to be printed out in the same size that I made the image in) or if I pick a selection just a bit bigger than what the size of the image is it zooms it in and cuts off part of it. I don't have much experience with printing out stuff so I seek your almighty wisdom. Thanks in advance
  9. I click the link to download it and it says the attachment doesn't exist any more. Any one else having this problem?
  10. Ah, I see now. You could always draw white lines, guassian blur them, use a glow, then play with the layer transparency until it looks good. With some tinkering you could probably get it looking pretty close.
  11. A border would pobably be nice but I personally like the height. I'm going for a really old currency design.
  12. I'm in a message board RPG where I'm the ruler of a country so I decided to make a banknote for them. They turned out really great so I decided to post them here for you guys to see. Front: Back:
  13. Does anyone know how to make flags look like they're flapping in the wind? I remember seeing something about it before on here but a search didn't turn up anything.
  14. You could always draw a blue circle, then a white circle over top of it, offset slightly. After that flatten the immage, rotate it, and use the drop shadow plug-in. Here's my attempt: Also, play around with gradients to get that sorta shiny effect.
  15. I managed to figure something out. More tinerking is required to get it to look great but ya, embossing is the trick.
  16. As you guys may have guessed I like making space pictures. You can see them in the pictorium if interested. Anyway, onto the point. The moons look wicked, but the planet itself isfairly flat and unimpressive. Does anyone have any ideas on how to add texture to the planet's surface? I'm talking about things like mountain ranges and valleys and stuff like that. Edit: Another question. Do any other fractals exist aside from Mandelbrot and Julia? Another Edit: I managed to figure out a way. Looks alright. Use localized embossed areas underneath. Any other ideas are still welcome though.
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