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  1. Thanks ^_^ I was going for that "OMG where the F am I?" kinda look.
  2. im not sure who your talking to lego. are you talking to me? I'm pretty sure he's talking to me on that one, lol. *hint*messed up colours*hint* lol.
  3. You'd need to watch the anime Bleach. The character is Zangetsu. Ichigo's zanpackto (spirit sword) from the anime. When he transports Ichigo into his spirit realm things get all trippy. I wanted to duplicate that pschadelic effect.
  4. A sig I made. I think it looks pretty good. Not great but ya... >.>
  5. True. If you watched the anime Bleach you'd understand the major clashings with that character a bit better. It's an anime nerd thing 8) The only anime I watch is Naruto. That's the theme for my next sig/avatar set. I already made a Gaara sig and avatar. If you haven't seen it then checkout Album 4 of my PhotoBucket. :wink: I'm not a fan of Naruto. Especially the North American mutilation.
  6. True. If you watched the anime Bleach you'd understand the major clashings with that character a bit better. It's an anime nerd thing 8)
  7. lol, 7/10 its decent but the colours do NOT compliment eachother bringing your score down, also try a border That's the same thing I said when I rated him. I told him the colors don't compliment each other. What if I don't want them to compliment? What if I wanted the clash on purpose? Eh? lol.
  8. Actually, I don't know a word of Chinese. I wrote that in Japanese, but since it's in kanji, which comes from Chinese characters, there's a lot of overlap between the languages. In written form, at least. It's pronounced completely different. But I only wrote that in Japanese 'cause I don't remember how to spell it in English.... :oops: LOL. Albeit English is a really messed up language to spell in.
  9. :shock: What the.....I think there are only like 3 or 4 users who will understand what you said... I hope so. Unless they go here http://babelfish.altavista.com/ lol. It's Chinese btw.
  10. Yup. Catch some wicked cool html's too. If you can upload and download, can you sideload?
  11. Use / not \ Old habits die hard. Been using \ a lot lately because I'm working on a really big C++ project for school.
  12. @ TopHATslash 9/10 I'm not a fan of Halo but you have the sig looking nice. Great job
  13. You Americans and your standardized testing lol. Glad I never had to do that kind of stuff.
  14. No. The leprechaun forbids it. What's the biggest animal?
  15. double result A variable in a C program I'm making for school.
  16. 1/10 A very suspicious looking link. Some more information on where the link in your sig goes to would probably inspire more people to click it.
  17. I think so. I followed a tutorial to make the background. 10/10. Obviously took a lot of work.
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