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  1. This is one of the coolest tuts on this site. My try uses "Varicose" plugin (http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22670&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=0). NOTE: Original idea from D.C. (Conviction
  2. Yes, but every plugin other than this one is in C#, thus it would not be easy for him to exactly implement without a C# to VB.net translator, which even then the output is very shaky. I have no problem translating from one to the other... to translate from C# to VB all you have to do is delete the semicolons from the end of each line Seriously... I can do the translation... (how do ya think I got this far ) but I have looked at a few already, and the ones I have looked at seem to do it in different ways. I have only had time to look at a couple so far... so I'm still looking, but if any
  3. I already have that one on my list... good idea. Some properties are easier to edit in place (without reseeding automatically) than others. For example, alpha (which will be called intensity, and you have not seen it yet) will be easy to edit without reseeding. Width is a little more difficult, but possible, compared to frequency, which will be much more difficult (although still remotely possible if I make some relatively major changes). Right now, however, I am struggling with how to do anti-alias, which is the highest priority, and I have no clue how to do it. Any code that demonstrates th
  4. Agreed. I have never questioned the fact that your points are valid. In fact, as I mentioned, I debated these same points before I posted the plugin, which is why I stuck it in the "Object" menu, just to avoid cluttering up the top level of the effects menu while I thought it through (I personally dislike having 50 plugins in the top level menu, but maybe thats just me). The only point that I have disagreed with is that the output isn't based on the source... since it is. I really don't care where it goes in the menu system... if anyone actually wants to use it, they will probably be okay with
  5. Well, for the user it "feels" like a render. Tile Reflection really distorts the source, this one creates a new thing without using the source image. At least it looks that way for me. I understand your point... I really do... but even though it may look that way, especially on very dark or very light images... if you look closely, especially when the "width" is on a high setting, you can see that the "source" image is still visible, blended with the output. This is also clear in the code, if you are a coder. I might add an alpha slider (or intensity, or something like that) which would mak
  6. 1. I can do that... it will take a little time to re-think the "top-to-bottom" logic, but not insurmountable. What would REALLY be difficult would be to let the user select an angle, at least given my implementation. Any suggestions on that would be welcome. 2. It can be done... I have actually already given that some thought. Early attempts ran a high likelyhood of "re-merging", so I'll need to give that more thought to see how I can reduce that likelyhood. 3. I'm sure I could look at other plugins to see how others have implemented that... but I am VERY open to suggestions on what quality
  7. Hmmmm... I hadn't thought of that either.... good point about the y,x vs. x,y given the way the "rois" are passed in. While in theory, I had been focusing on the point that you cannot make assumptions about how the rois are passed in, I have observed that they are always (in my testing so far at least) are horizontal slices, very long in the x direction and very short in the y direction. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Awesome. Great use of this plugin. Thanks for posting it.
  9. You mean Render, don't you? This plugin doesn't distort the existing pixels, it overwrites them with new information. Actually, it "blends" with the existing pixels. I debated with myself over which menu it should go in, between distort and render... and I see merit to both options, but I am leaning towards distort, only because that is where "Tile Reflection" is, which is probably the closest thing to this plugin among the built in effects.
  10. They can be programmed in pretty much any .NET language. A quick search coulda told you that Yes, and I did do that search, and I did find those comments, and I knew it already, being an avid .net programmer... but Rick and some others had suggested that it "should" work in vb.net, so I set out to prove it... just for kicks. I have not seen any posts or plugins saying it had already been done, but I'm sure I could have missed it. Regards.
  11. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/112488-varicose-2-ymd18-02-20/ Download here Ok, I have spent some time learning the plugin model to prove that plugins can be written for Paint.Net using Visual Basic.Net. Apparently, they can. I am posting this here in hopes that some of you "gurus" will play with it and make suggestions. I am no graphic artist... I am a programmer, so if anyone finds this effect the least bit useful, I would LOVE to see any creations that use it. And here is t
  12. I have been playing with the effects api for a couple of days now... just trying to get something to work (and I have gotten something to work). I would deeply apprreciate it if somebody wouldn't mind taking a minute to review my comments below and provide some insight. Some of the folks here have obviously created some astounding plugins, and I think one of those folks could reply to this with their eyes closed. I have read through the forum, and I have toyed around with some of the plugin source that is available, but I am still not completely sure I have this right. Please correct any inco
  13. That is absolutely cool, so don't take this as critisism... BUT... If you really wanted to take it to the next level, you could add some "ripples" to the water where the rain is hitting it in the foreground. I know... easier said than done... but that would be very cool.
  14. I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. The code you posted specifies the following: Line Starting point: 8,1 Line Ending point: 8,2 None of the arguments provided to the Drawline method specify "length", they are x,y coordinates for the beginning and end of the line (x1, y1, x2, y2). As for the tree analogy... Tree = border of a pixel Space between trees = pixel 100 "trees" would be 99 "spaces", right? If that is true, then 3 "trees" would be 2 "spaces", right? If that is true, then a line on the screen that has a length of 2 would have 3 "trees" (or borders) and 2 "spaces" (or
  15. I would have to agree that if a line "contains" two pixels in its' length, it is two pixels long. A ruler is 12 inches long... it is measured from the beginning of the ruler to the end, and "contains" 12 full inches... you don't start from the end of the first inch. Other graphics programs measure length in those terms. That does not mean that this is not by design, but if it is, it is less intuitive to me than I would like. Just my two cents. The author of the software may have a reason for this that I am unaware of.
  16. Money can't buy happiness, but it can sure buy the kind of misery you like!
  17. Here is my rant... I hate it when people stop in inappropriate places. For example, on a crowded escalator at the airport, someone takes one step off of the end, and stops and looks around, lost. Everybody behind them is now struggling to get around them, with bags and kids and whatever. The person still just stands there, like an idiot, with people bumping into them and pushing past them. It's not like the other people on the escalator have a choice and can stop while you ponder your next move... the escalator is pushing forward, and all those people are coming, like it or not. Next time you
  18. You can stand around and predict rain, or you can get busy building an ark. Software eventually works... hardware eventually fails. Extraordinary people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination. Don't put off till tomorrow what your wife will gripe about today. If you can't figure out who the sucker is at the poker table within 30 minutes... it's YOU. A stitch in time saves a lot of unnecessary bleeding. If you think things need to change, change them. If you reduce taxes without reducing spending, then you are in effect increasing the deficit. The only re
  19. My philosopy is... ah... hold on... lemme think.
  20. When I try to open some images (by clicking the "open" icon on the toolbar or using the file-> open menu), I get the file-open dialog, select a file, click the "open" button, and PDN locks up (screen does not respond to mouse, does not repaint) for about 45 seconds or so, then it gives me a message stating that PDN has experienced an error and must close... and I should refer to the pdncrash.log on my desktop. The application has been working fine and opening images fine for the two weeks or so that I have had it. I have mostly been creating images from scratch, so I can't say exactly what
  21. If anybody is interested in writing plugin's in vb.net, I have converted the template to vb.net and it works.
  22. Nice tutorial for a beginner like me (pretty good with Image Composer, but this is my first try with PDN). Since the post was called "How to make ... Insides", I was going for something that looked kinda like what "muscles" look like if you peel back skin. Applying "sharpen" a few times gave me the texture I was after.
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