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  1. It is similar to setting contrast to 100%, yes, but with obvious differences. Not that obvious, but it seems that it does a better job than Brightness/Contrast on lower quality JPGs (B/C leaves squares and rectangles, while Stencil makes smoother curves). I'd like to see anti-aliasing in there though. Thanks a bunch! Well, by obvious I just meant that you can tweak it a little more... after re-reading my post, that could have sounded sarcastic... that was not the intent. I could add anti-alias (or at least my version of anti-alias) but that would seem to defeat the point. I suppose it cou
  2. Understood... but some of the methods (or overrides) are marked as "obsolete", so I assume that means Rick is trying to tell us something.... like, "hey, don't use these, they might not be here later". I would much rather use my own UI for most things... maybe I'll just start doing that.
  3. Using the indirect UI, is it possible to add tabs? I was under the assumption that the indirect UI is limited to a set of UI controls, and I have not seen the ability to add tabs... did I miss that? I realize you can use the earlier plugin api to use winforms and create your own UI, but I also assumed that was being obsoleted.
  4. It is similar to setting contrast to 100%, yes, but with obvious differences.
  5. The problem there is the "progressive" blur. The further you are from the focal point, the more intense the blur. The whole challenge was to avoid having an obvious line where the blur starts. I tried to accompish the effect just using the built in effects without much luck (possible but very, very difficult), so I built the plugin. I will be looking at ways to improve the blur and speed of the effect, and I will look at how the "unfocus blur" works to see if I can mimic it. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Yes, but I fear you will be dissappointed if you expect people to read the rules before they post for the first time. It's like expecting a puppy to be house-trained the minute it is born... When it pee's on the floor, it is still frustrating, but it's not the puppies fault Of course, when that same puppy pee's on the floor when it is 6 months old... well... then you just have a dumb puppy :x
  7. This plugin is a part of the "Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack" and can be downloaded Here This plugin is my favorite of all that I've created so far. Settings: Focus Area Size: The diameter of a circle that will NOT be blurred, centered around the "Focal Point". Blur Factor: The amount of the blur outside the "Focus Area". The blur will increase the further it gets from "Focal Point". Setting this to a high number slows down the rendering, so leave it at a lower setting until you have the other settings where you want them. Blur Limit: Sets a maximum blur to improve performance with little
  8. This plugin is a part of the "Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack" and can be downloaded here This plugin will turn an image (or selection) into a two color image similar to a stencil. Settings: Bias: More primary color or more secondary color. Invert: Swap primary and secondary colors. The left side of these images are the original, the right side had "Stencil" applied with default settings (different primary and secondary colors): Enjoy, Jesse Chunn
  9. You can delete varicose.dll, and replace jchunn.dll with this newer one. I have also edited all of my previous posts to point to this one.
  10. jchunn.zip March 8, 2008 Fixed minor bugs with "Varicose". Updated "Focal Point" with yet another (and I think the last) performance enhancement. March 5, 2008 Updated "Soften Edges" to have better performance, several new settings, and MUCH better effect. Updated "Focal Point" with new setting / performance enhancement. March 2, 2008 Added "Soften Edges" effect. Updated Focal Point to be much faster in most circumstances. Feb 20, 2008 Initial post of Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack, including Focal Point, Stencil, Color Replace, Varicose,
  11. LOL... you are about to get "moderated" You should upgrade to the very latest version, quick.
  12. You should at least download some of the C# examples and start by just porting one to C++. Good Luck
  13. No, actually it is a replacement. It either replaces the "matched" pixels with a transparent pixel (you could call that a "delete" instead of a replacement I guess), or the primary color.
  14. There is a C++ dotNet that could be used to write plugins (in theory), but to my knowledge nobody has done that yet, so you would be on your own. C# is similar in many ways to C++, and in my opinion much easier for this type of programming. If you know C++, C# is not difficult to pick up, and there are a large number of C# examples on this forum.
  15. Ok, so the next update should include: Move to "effects" menu (no submenu). Change name to "color replace". Create a post called "jchunn plugin pack" (suggested in a PM from Ash) since all of the plugins are in one dll. If nobody disagrees or wants to debate further, that will be in the next round, along with another new plugin called "Stencil" (who can guess what that does?)
  16. Nice Matrix animation... I would suggest adding a little motion blur to each of the images. Still, very nice.
  17. Yes, I figured that out after I posted it. I will rename it very soon. Sorry for that... I guess I should have searched for the name first.
  18. Looks like another vote for a feature in PDN to allow user-organized effects menu Thanks for the effects!
  19. Well, I don't think it goes in adjustments (maybe I'm wrong?) and there is no "color" in the default menus. I can either force it into "effects->color" (I'm guessing someone else has a plugin that creates a "color" menu), or create another more appropriate menu, or put it in one of the existing menus. Any other suggestions? I'll be happy to move it with the next update... please post any opinions.
  20. We DO understand what you're saying. They're just saying you're wrong. That's what happens in a debate. Move on to your next point or back up your first; otherwise, be left in the dust in the debate. Less guns means less crimes! Why doesn't anybody here understand that?!?! You are saying: Less guns means less crimes. I guess you think everyone else is not smart enough to understand those 5 words. I assure you, I understand what you are saying. You are saying that if the government enforced a law against people having guns (except for police, military, etc) then the crime rate would drop
  21. Ah, you need to be using layers. Play around with layers and you'll figure it out. EDIT: The image you are pasting to will be your "bottom" layer. The image you are cutting will be your top layer. When you erase a spot on the top layer, you will see the image on the bottom layer, instead of the checker board. Be sure the top layer is highlighted in the layer list when you do your erase.
  22. You might try duplicating your "earth" texture, then playing with emboss on one layer, and then playing with blend modes to blend the color and the embossed effect... just an idea.
  23. Yes. They are not built in to PDN, but they do exist. You would have to find an image of one (or generate one with another program) and then use it as a starting point, but they do exist. A search for fractals on this site will give you some interesting places to start looking.
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