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  1. I have seen this before. Take a look at this post if you are getting doubles in the menu and see if that solves it. I have considered this in the past. I don't think it is a bad idea... in fact I agree that it is a good idea. Two requests is enough for me to get the hint. It will take me about a half hour to do. I'll split them up with my next update. I am working on another effect, so when that is done (probably this weekend) I'll post a version with the dll's seperated out.
  2. No. I may split them up in a future build, but for now they are all together.
  3. Minor bug fixes March 8, 2008.
  4. Another slight performance improvement March 8, 2008.
  5. Okay, I've made another performance change. Rick, if you get the time, I'd like to know what the results of that same test look like with the latest (March 8, 2008 or newer) version. I realize you are not my personal QC team... but if you get the chance I'd be interested in the difference in the scenario quoted above. Any further performance gains would require some serious changes.
  6. While putting the example above together, I noticed a couple of minor bugs (works in progress) that got included in the Varicose plugin by mistake. Those bugs have been fixed today, so anyone using Varicose should get the March 8, 2008 (or newer) version.
  7. Thanks for putting these together... I haven't even seen some of these... now I have them all Very nice, by the way.
  8. It is working, but the code is apparently not changing the pixels that you are writing out. Try this... At the end of your render function, change this: T = srcArgs.Surface.GetBilinearSampleWrapped(vx, vy); dstArgs.Surface[x, y] = T; To this: T = srcArgs.Surface.GetBilinearSampleWrapped(vx, vy); T = ColorBgra.Black; dstArgs.Surface[x, y] = T; All that is doing is turning every pixel to black. As you can see, it works fine... every pixel is turning back... so, in your code, "T" is getting written to the canvas, but apparently it is not being changed
  9. By "vein" plugin, I assume you mean the "Varicose" plugin. If so, add the step below to Ash's eye tutorial between step 5 and 6 and you should be good to go. Use the rectangular select tool to select the white section of the image before you run the Varicose plugin. Which, once you finish the tut, will give you something like this:
  10. This is because web browsers on Windows copy images to the clipboard as bitmaps, which do not support transparency. The applicaction that is being copied "from" must support the ability to copy other image types or they will always be bitmaps.
  11. Why would this thread be locked? It is obviously of interest to some members (like myself). I would love to see the simple tutorials just get moved to the "simple tuts" forum, or better yet, just move the really good ones to the "expert tuts" section, so that nobody gets insulted.. kinda like what the sticky's are for, but with more room, since the sticky's take up almost a whole screen now.
  12. Ah... I misunderstood what he wanted... nice job Ash.
  13. Use "Color Replace" effect: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22916
  14. Fantastic job!!! This is an awesome plugin. Good work.
  15. Oh. I didn't bother reading the code... silly me. @PhilipLB: in that case, do it in OnSetRenderInfo, as jchunn said. hehe Don't feel bad... I made the exact same mistake with my first (deleted) response :oops:
  16. Yes, that was in my original post, but I deleted it once I understood that what he is trying to do is just get the "min" and "max" rgb values from the entire image (all pixels), and he didn't want to do that for every call to OnRender, since he only needed to do that once. In other words, as you know, you are correct, and I agree. Don't do that unless you absolutely must. It's not multi-threaded. Render is automatically multithreaded, and will give better performance. True, but this is a case where it makes much more sense to do it in the OnSetRenderInfo. It is no better or worse, perfo
  17. Hmmmmm... that sounds like a good idea for a new plugin Something like this? http://z.about.com/d/graphicssoft/1/0/Y/j/4/ak23-16vignette.png
  18. Were you using the latest version (with the "blur limit" setting)?
  19. Put the part of the code that you only want to execute once in the "OnSetRenderInfo" method (instead of the "OnRender" method). OnSetRenderInfo only executes once per render (before OnRender starts getting called), whereas OnRender executes multiple times per render. Save the max values at the module level, and use the values in OnRender.
  20. I was playing around with trying to create a three dimentional (3D) feel. Look directly at the center of this image... can you see it?
  21. Updates today: Updated "Soften Edges" to have better performance, several new settings, and MUCH better effect. Updated "Focal Point" with new setting / performance enhancement.
  22. Ok, added "Blur Limit", which should drastically improve performance on large images with (practically) no quality degradation.
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