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  1. Sorry for the pic being so big. This is a test picture I just took with my new camera. I think it's a bit abstract, but I cant think of any good editing ideas. You got any?
  2. omg I will get it eventaully! haha Joyous :arrow: elated
  3. Then you should have more than 38 posts I think I need help.... I'm constantly on the computer Like 24/7 if I could.
  4. Wow, two wrong in a row... :? Joyous :arrow: cheerful That one has to fly.
  5. Hey, The Void I like your sig and avatar, but they look a bit empty You should put the void on it or somethin...
  6. I don't have an X Box, but I've been playing Guitar Hero with my friend since X-Mas at my house, and I actually play guitar, and its nothing like it. If anything, its harder. Haha
  7. There was a bit of talk about this in the off-topic...
  8. I should start a pole about this [My votes for coke]
  9. Wow, how old are you? Haha You'r pretty good with computers for your age group
  10. Lots of skate stuff from my sponsors 8)
  11. You know (this goes for my computer - I don't know about anyone else's) but if you save your wallpaper as a bmp, or more specifically, anything but a GIF or PNG, without changing any performance display settings, then the text on the Desktop Icons will have a transparecy, instead of a black background color - just a thought Thanks, I'll try that. [if I still have a PdN file of it saved somewhere]
  12. In the rules it very clearly says not to have "Hi, I'm new" as a title. Please change it.
  13. Haha I finally got a keyboard that works so I don't have to use the on-screen keyboard. I had to go like three days without one. Lol. Tough times.
  14. It says in the rules not to put "help" in your title. Please change it The rules also say not to say "I'm a noob"
  15. Merry Christmas to the PdN community!!
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