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  1. Here is a quick example for you pyro
  2. WARNING: Crude humor and language (and graphic destruction of cartoon gerbals) I like most everything on http://www.joecartoon.com
  3. Drivers always help... and if your using a usb spliter that could be the problem too, the signal isn't supposed to degrade but it does. (it's like how your signal degrades fairly rapidly with your cable TV or net the more spliters you use, after a couple spliters you can't even get good digital) .... I pulled my hair out trying to figure out that problem awhile back.
  4. If you write manuals then why use PDN if you like corel's function. Paint.NET is for images and photos - screen dumps fall into the first category. Innovative user interface - not many good image editors have a good capture function. A wide variety of useful and powerful tools would IMHO include a capture function. /Bo You forgot to mention the PDN is FREE. If PDN had everything that everyone wanted then I highly doubt that it would be free. (see photoshop) I think that PDN has more then enough bang for a free program, and thanks to the community here has plugins for most everything. Things to learn: Don't complain about stuff thats free, it's free. If you are trying to make money spend money (ie. buy a program that does what you want) :x
  5. @buzzkill -- I like how the car looks like its moving in stage from blueprint drawing to finished product, having the hood up a bit adds more "cred" to the blueprint stage. @verndewd I can help you a bit here and there if you want, you can post in off topic or open a new thread in overflow, so maybe someone else can benifit from it too.
  6. Combine that with the water drop tut (I like this tut a lot) and whalaa! used "waterdrop" search : http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... water+drop
  7. You mean make them clickable? There are a number of ways, all depending upon within what medium you wish to use it. You could make it a button in PowerPoint that takes the reader to page [x], or a clickable link in a Word document that launches your default browser. You could use a programming language such as C# to import the bitmap into an application and add an action to a mouse event. You could use HTML to make it a link on a web page. You could even store the image data stream in a SQL field and use PHP to output it and the requisite href anchor to make it clickable. What exactly are you looking to do? The site is php based and I would like to put a working example of some buttons up for the admin. What I understand so far is that mouse events trigger color change and that change is likely due to a secondary image or animation.and the click is coded to link to a page. How that is accomplished is unknown to me. Your right about secondary images. also a third image is often used to denote what page your on. I use Namo Web editor to do that stuff usually and then manually tighten it all up, but you can do it all manually from scratch. .gif images are what Namo uses if I remember correctly (to lazy to look right now)
  8. Is that a face I see reflected in one of the lower grapes?! Awsome job btw!
  9. Its nice to see that it can't read my comp woohoo! It gives a country for me and thats it.
  10. well we have link to your page now ash ... since you responded :wink:
  11. I hadn't thought of that.... seems more bleh now....8/10 unique I like.
  12. madjik and barkbark inspired and many years playing pacman, a throw together called "abstract evil pacman". couldn't think of a better name....
  13. 7/10 because I can take away the "drew" and say "an-de" or "and".
  14. soilent green is people.... Its true!
  15. So far so good, I haven't found any buggies yet. Everything seems to render a tad bit faster (except for the plugins), though that could be because I restarted my computer recently
  16. @one4u Me likey a lot. My personal opinion with the eagle is: I like that there is a sillouette (the black part) because it helps define what it is. If you wanted to merge it with the space scene better, maybe you could nebulize the black part. @ash I like the retouched version of your tiger (or big cat of some sort) a lot more. @barkbark love the abstract stuff! And the rock type texture too. @aralox nice sig! @ben R R The one with the rivets looks better IMHO. Like the texture. @aile Way trippy photo mod! Cool! Everybody posts such good stuff I can't cover everybody if I don't post for a few days! I think I was able to use the word like enough times Anywho I threw together a new sig, lemme know if you see something jumping out at you saying "fix me, fix me!"
  17. I haven't used PictureIt so I'm not understanding what you mean by a borderline. The magic wand can be used to select multi-colored images by adjusting the strength of the wand and holding ctrl to maintain multiple selections.
  18. You mean modified. Looks good. edit: thought you were talking about your sig sorry, and I like the abstract, its the kind of thing I'm a bit partial to.
  19. I noticed the same gradient from ashes tut, I guess them being round threw me for a loop
  20. If I understand what your asking, the magic wand is your answer.
  21. a quick way that gives a paint splatter on the your screen is to use the waves plugin on a lower setting.
  22. @Revenant Did you use ash's tut for the gems, they look somewhat different to me. I like 'em.
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